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The developers of The Elder Scrolls Online have announced a collaboration that should delight all headbangers in Tamriel: Metal band Trivium will unveil a game-inspired music video. You can also win a unique electric guitar!

Fantasy role-playing games and metal have always come together again and again. The most recent example is the American heavy metal band Trivium, which has announced a collaboration with The Elder Scrolls Online. There will be a world premiere in the form of a new music video by the band on September 30th during the year-end stream of the adventure “Gates of Oblivion”. This one will be inspired by TESO and also contain gameplay from Elder Scrolls Online. Lead guitarist and singer Matt Heafy is really looking forward to the unveiling, because he and his band are mega fans of Bethesda – be it the Fallout games or the games of the Elder Scrolls series. We have the band’s announcement ready for you:

Wins the unique electric guitar Dagon’s ax

This new partnership starts right away with a really cool competition, because you can win a really unique double neck guitar. The metal monster called Dagon’s ax should scare every creature in Tamriel and be useful as a weapon – but we advise against it, because it is somehow too chic for that.

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If you are lucky, you will get this unique guitar in The Elder Scrolls Online competition.

If you are lucky, you will get this unique guitar in The Elder Scrolls Online competition.

Quelle: Zenimax Online Studios

How do I take part in the TESO competition?

You have until October 31st to take part in the competition. According to Zenimax, you do this as follows:

  • Opens the competition website
  • Fill out the competition registration form
  • Accepts the terms and conditions and the official competition rules
  • Confirms that you have read and understood the sponsor’s privacy policy
  • have
  • Click the “Register” button to submit the registration form.

How to get the “Ax of Oblivion” or Dagon’s ax, you can find out in the competition rules. In these there is also further information on the conditions of participation, the drawing of the winner and also the assertion of the prize.

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