TESO: #TamrielTogether – Winner of the guild competition

Update from November 25th:
More than 270 videos and 370 posters have reached those responsible for the guild competition of The Elder Scrolls Online, and on the official website of the game the winners have now been announced. The Dauntless Bananas and Goldleaf Acquisitions communities bag the main prize. Nomads of Nirn, Aetherius Art, Museum and The Disenfranchised have landed on the following places.

You can check out some of the fantastic trailer submissions below.

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Here are those entire Youtube playlist as well as a Gallery with all posters. We congratulate!

Original message from October 15:
In September there was already one Competition that is all about #TamrielTogether but that doesn't mean that the developers of The Elder Scrolls Online don't want to challenge you creatively any more this year. But on the contrary! On the official TESO website The call for a second competition has now gone online, in which you should advertise your guild!

Is your guild tackling veteran exams? Or do you like to dress up to hold fashion shows or role-playing events? Perhaps you own a fantastic guild house that deserves more attention. Whatever makes your guild a unique and welcoming place for its members, we want to see you capture just that on a recruitment poster or video.

Your contribution should celebrate your guild and in the big one ESO-Community promote them. What do you have to do to be there?

  1. Create a recruitment-style poster or video that introduces your guild.
    • If you want to recruit new members, don't forget to include information that will help other players find your guild!
    • Video contributions cannot be longer than two minutes and must be uploaded to YouTube.
    • Poster contributions must be submitted in JPG or PNG format.
  2. Please submit your poster or video by Saturday, November 7th at 5:59 a.m. CET using this form one.

Have a look before you submit your post, please the official rules at. Your guild can submit an entry in both categories, but you can only appear once in each category. So make sure that you send in the best contribution so that you have the highest chance of winning. As soon as you've participated, please spread the word on social media and let us know via @TESOnline_DE, Instagram or Facebook and use the hashtag #TamrielTogether to know!

Win for your guild

After the deadline, the development team of ESO View the entries and judge them on quality, creativity and adherence to the topic (guild recruitment) and then select two main prize winners and four runners-up.

Two main winners (one per category – poster or video)

  • Crown package of 3,000 crowns for each active Guild member
  • For each active Guild member a unique mount based on the existing Alliance War Horse, adorned with the colors and coat of arms of the tabard of the winning guild
  • A wall banner for the interior of the tavern from the base game, which the guild selects, which shows the colors and the coat of arms of the tabard of the winning guild, and a book which tells one of the guild's favorite memories in the game
  • For each active Guild member a banner (for the wall) as an item of furniture for a home, which shows the colors and the coat of arms of the tabard of the winning guild and is similar to the one in the tavern
  • For each active Guild member a book for furnishings that is a replica of what we put in the tavern
  • An article on the Guild Spotlights elderscrollsonline.comwho introduces your community!

Four runners-up (two in each category – poster or video)

  • Crown package with 1,500 crowns for each active Guild member
  • For each active Guild member a banner (for the wall) as an item of furniture for a home, which shows the colors and the coat of arms of the tabard of the winning guild
  • A small nod in the direction of the guild in the form of a "one-sided slip of paper", for example a note, a song, a recipe or something similar that relates to one of the guild's dearest shared memories in the game
  • A "one-sided note" as a collector's item for everyone active Guild member (similar to the one above) that can be placed in homes

Phew! That's a whole lot of prices for all in your guild. As I said: only active Guild members receive these prizes if their guild wins. This means that you must have logged into the game at least once from the start of the guild competition and be a member of the winners guild on Saturday, November 7th, 2020 at 5:59 a.m. CET. Please look at you the official rules to find out more.

Note that the winners will not receive all of the prizes at once and that that ESO-Team will contact the winners of the winning entries to discuss the creation of the bespoke collectibles and let them know when they are expected to come into play.

The developers can't wait to see what kind of creative and eccentric posters and videos the TESO community is putting together in this new competition. Don't forget to post your posts on social networks using the hashtag #TamrielTogether and contact the devs via @TESOnline_DE, Instagram and Facebook to be part of it. So the developers can show your work to the rest of the community. Maybe some new recruits will jump out for you!

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