After the MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online already introduced Morrowind and Skyrim via add-on, there is now another homage to the single-player games: 2021 it will follow Oblivion. But apparently that's not what players want.

Players are asking for The Elder Scrolls 6

In a trailer we see that we are facing Mehrunes Dagon again, who was already the villain in The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion. That means we will at least travel to the Oblivion level of the Dead Lands in the new ESO story. Oblivion is a very interesting scenario for the online role-playing game, since things are possible here that stand out from what you otherwise see in regular fantasy worlds. Oblivion is crazy, crazy and full of surprises. That could make ESO 2021 very interesting.

TESO: Gates of Oblivion – teaser trailer for the new adventure

But the reactions to the trailer on Youtube are rather mixed. Because fans of The Elder Scrolls actually want something different: They want to finally have The Elder Scrolls 6. The reactions include:

  • Where's the trailer for the new Elder Scrolls?
  • We want The Elder Scrolls 6!
  • Man, bring out the next The Elder Scrolls, please. I still play Skyrim.
  • My day went so well, then boom, no new Elder Scrolls.
  • Another Elder Scrolls game I'll never play.
  • We don't want this … we want Elder Scrolls 6!
  • Do I look like I want your online game? Where's my Elder Scrolls 6?

These contributions currently cast a dark shadow on the actually interesting announcement of "Gates of Oblivion", the new story of the MMORPG ESO. Incidentally, there are more details on this at one Livestream on January 21, 2021.

Source: Youtube

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