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With Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown, publisher Nacon has officially announced its latest racing game. Like its predecessors, it should be based on an open-world mechanism and offer a large number of cars. However, a specific release date has not yet been set.

In the past few days and weeks, there have been several hints and teasers for a new episode of the Test Drive Unlimited racing game series. But now the time for speculation is finally over, because the publisher Nacon finally let the cat out of the bag at an event yesterday evening.

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With Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown, the youngest branch of the series is currently under development. The team at KT Racing (Kylotonn) is responsible for this, having previously done off-road racing such as WRC (World Championship Rally) and two-wheeled racing with Isle of Man TT. As with the previous episodes of Test Drive Unlimited, the latest game is based on an open-world mechanic and is said to offer a variety of cars that are as fast as they are pretty. The focus is on a competition called "Solar Crown", where you have to earn your spurs as a new driver. There is also talk of customization options for both the in-game character and the cars.

Furthermore, the developers promise a physics engine that is as complex as it is realistic in order to be able to offer the most authentic driving experience possible. For this purpose, a revised version of the engine that has already been used in the WRC series is used. Nacon and KT Racing have not yet given specific details about the release date or the planned platforms. After all, you will find the first trailer in this message, which should give you a little taste of Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown.

Source: Nacon

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