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It took a long time, including the announcement of a not-too-enthusiastic mobile spin-off, but the development of Diablo 4 is now official. At the Blizzcon, Blizzard fulfilled the long-cherished fan wishes with the announcement. Even more than that, we were there and were even able to try out the title for ourselves! In our preview we reveal what distinguishes the game already and where we still see room for improvement.

Half-Life 3 confirmed? Not that, but the announcement of a new half-life adventure is still quite a sensation twelve years after Half-life 2: Episode 2. Even if Alyx can only be played with VR glasses! We have compiled all the information that has so far been available about the game and tell you what to look forward to.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

A whole world to explore – what many games promise metaphorically is made possible by the new Microsoft Flight Simulator thanks to an extremely complex world globe. We reveal why we are already completely fixated on the flight simulation and why there is significantly more classic game in it than we were used to from the flight simulator.

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Games Aktuell 01/2020: test final sprint 2019, plus previews of Half-Life: Alyx!

Games Aktuell 01/2020: test final sprint 2019, plus previews of Half-Life: Alyx!

Source: PC Games

In the test: Red Dead Redemption 2 (PC update)

In the last issue, that was nothing with the test for Red Dead Redemption 2 for the PC. Why? Due to huge technical problems with the launch, like so many other players around the world, we couldn't even start the title. In our update, we now say, numerous patches later, whether the PC version of the masterpiece is worthwhile.

In the test: Pokémon sword & shield

Almost 500 Pokémon less than before, technical flaws, deleted features – and yet the new parts of the legendary RPG series have once again cast a spell over us. Our test reveals why fans of the games can access despite the definitely existing flaws.

In the test: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

With Star Wars: Battlefront 1 and 2, manufacturer Electronic Arts and developer Dice have not made too many friends. The two multi-player titles were nice but irrelevant and at least the second part was full of microtransactions. At the same time, EA canceled one player Star Wars after another. Now we can finally experience a classic Star Wars adventure with Fallen Order – and that turned out really well!

In the test: Need for Speed: Heat

After the embarrassing Need for Speed: Payback, the developers of Ghost Games once again venture onto the asphalt and promise to do everything better this time. Will this promise be kept?

Civ 6 has already won many fans on the PC and the Nintendo Switch. Now the versions for Playstation 4 and Xbox One have finally appeared and we are checking whether the real-time strategy skirmishes there are as fun as before.

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Special: service games with no expiration date

It is one of the gaming trends of recent years: Instead of publishing games with a clear beginning and end, as was the norm in the past, countless titles are now designed to be played theoretically for a long time and thus constantly give the makers money to wash. Live service games is the magic word. However, this model has many problems. In our special we explain why live service titles have an expiration date.

Special: villains in video games

Evil is good! This not only applies, but also in video games. It's just fun to slip into the role of the culprit and often enough we thrill with the motives of the antagonists as well as those of the protagonists. But why is it like that? We will investigate this question in our report.

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Game Industry Icons, Part 1: Peter Molyneux, Two Steps Forward, One Back

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Games Aktuell 01/2020: test final sprint 2019, plus previews of Half-Life: Alyx!

Source: PC Games

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Games current 12/2019: Death Stranding, Diablo 4 and more!

Games News 12/2019: We test Death Stranding, take a closer look at Diablo 4, Overwatch 2 and Playstation 5 and much more! Games Aktuell 11/2019: The Last of Us Part 2, Zelda: Link's Awakening, Death Stranding and more! "Src =" https://www.pcgames.de/screenshots/237x133/2019/10/GA_1119_Online-Heftteaser_1080x428-pc -games_b2teaser_1691.jpg

Games current 11/2019: The Last of Us Part 2, Zelda: Link's Awakening and more!

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Games current 10/2019: Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, The Settlers

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