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The first international tests of the action game Star Wars: Squadrons are taking place in time for the launch. So far, they paint a predominantly positive picture. However, there is also some criticism. Further details and an overview can be found in the message.

This Friday, the new action game Star Wars: Squadrons celebrates its debut on the PC and consoles. In line with this, the first tests from international magazines are slowly but surely rolling in. In this way, you can get an initial overview of the current mood before you buy, so that you can ultimately make your purchase decision.

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The tests published so far paint a mostly positive picture of Star Wars: Squadrons (buy now € 38.98 /€ 37.99 )What the current average rating of 80 points at OpenCritic makes clear. The editors especially praise the interesting and entertaining story campaign, which gives off a certain Star Wars feeling. In addition, most of the testers praise the successful control of the spaceships, which probably offers a good compromise between accessibility and realism. But not all that shines in the action game is gold: Among other things, some testers noticed the small number of multiplayer modes that are available for the launch of Star Wars: Squadrons. They also complain about the sometimes poor quality of the cutscenes, which is probably due to the compression that was not always successful. Here are the tests including the ratings in an overview:

Source: OpenCritic

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