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We present you an overview of the international ratings for the strategy game Iron Harvest. The editors have done quite well so far and receive correspondingly high ratings. However, there is also some reason for more critical voices.

The strategy game Iron Harvest has been available on Steam since yesterday, Tuesday, while the release in the Epic Games Store is still a while in coming. In line with the launch, we have put together an overview of the tests published so far by international magazines, including their ratings.

The latter should actually like the responsible developer studio KING Art, because the mood so far has been predominantly positive. At OpenCritic comes Iron Harvest (buy now /€ 44.99 ) currently on an average of 78 points. The testers especially like the unusual setting of the strategy game, which stands out from the previous uniformity of the genre. Many testers also liked the comparatively more leisurely pace of the game, as did the possibilities of destruction on the individual maps. However, there are also some more critical voices. These complain, among other things, of the small number of multiplayer maps, the game depth that could be improved and the lack of real innovations that could really advance the genre. Overall, however, the positive aspects of the game predominate. Here are the tests at a glance:

Our test is in progress.

Source: OpenCritic

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