Another pair of "Joy-Cons" has cost a decent amount of money to launch the Nintendo Switch – and the alternative, the "Switch Pro Controller", was initially quite expensive. Apparently, gimmicks and features like NFC, HD Rumble, and the infrared camera have driven up the cost of the auxiliary controller to the console startup. Meanwhile, you get the joy-Con-sets but almost for the usual price of other first-party controllers. For Black Friday, the Joy-Cons is now available at a reasonable price.

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Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons: For Black Friday on offer

Update, 29.11.2019: Nintendo hardware remains largely price stable even on Black Friday. While most traders continue to sell the joy-cons for 70 euros and up, there is at least a small savings. There are currently all available color options for 59.99 euros in the sale.

Switch Joy-Cons: price drop of the removable controller

For the launch of Nintendo's hybrid console was an additional pair Joy-Cons for the suggested retail price of 79.99 euros in Europe over the counter. The typical street price, however, was around 75 euros per Joy-Con-Set. Barely half a year later, two Joy-Conss were often bought for almost 70 Euros. This price remained stable for a long time until the controllers in May 2019 made another small jump down to 65 euros. Currently you get a Joy-Con-Set often for 65-70 euros,

The different color variants differ only insignificantly in price. No matter if you want the controllers in gray, yellow, red / blue, green / pink, purple / orange or blue / yellow – the different sets often only split 1-2 Euros. For large providers like or Saturn you currently pay for a set around 70 euros. The cheapest price can be found on price comparison sites such as idealo, or miser.

In certain campaigns or on special sales "holidays" such as the Black Friday you get the Joy Cons now already for 55 euros – but you must not be picky here as regards the color. Who wants to have the absolute cheapest price, should therefore wait for such offer days.

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For Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC: This controller is right for you

Joy-Cons: For whom is the purchase worthwhile?

Anyone looking for a controller for themselves or for multiplayer games, which he can use for the TV mode, should rather look at the "Switch Pro Controller". The normal switch comes standard with two Joy-Conss, so you can already play titles like "Mario Kart 8 Deluxe", "Super Mario Party" and more in multiplayer mode. If you want to play as cheaply as possible, but still with original hardware and four at the console, you can of course buy a second set of Joy-Cons.

The purchase of Joy-Cons can also be worthwhile for Switch-Lite owners, since the buttons and sticks are firmly attached to the handheld. So if you want to play games in the local multiplayer with the Lite or want to play the titles that need the additional features of Joy Cons, you need a set of controllers as well.

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