Another pair of “Joy-Cons” cost a lot of money when the Nintendo Switch was launched – and the alternative, the “Switch Pro Controller”, was quite expensive at first. Apparently, gadgets and features such as NFC, HD rumble and the infrared camera have driven up the costs of the additional controllers for starting the console. In the meantime, you can get the Joy-Con sets for almost the usual price of other first-party controllers. For Prime Day, the Joy-Cons are now available at a reasonable price.

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Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons: On offer for Prime Day

Update for Prime Day (October 13th, 2020):

Nintendo hardware remains price stable for the most part. While most retailers continue to sell the Joy-Cons for around 70 euros and up, they give up during Prime Day Amazon at least a small saving. There are currently three color variants for 61.78 euros available.

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Switch Joy-Cons: Price drop for detachable controllers

At the start of Nintendo's hybrid console, an additional pair of Joy-Cons went for the recommended retail price of 79.99 euros over the counter in Europe. The typical street price, however, was around 75 euros per Joy-Con set. Less than six months later, two Joy-Cons were often available for just under 70 euros. This price remained stable for a long time until the controllers made another small jump down to 65 euros in May 2019. Currently you can often get a Joy-Con set for 65-70 euros.

The different color variants differ only insignificantly in terms of price. Regardless of whether you want the controllers in gray, yellow, red / blue, green / pink, purple / orange or blue / yellow – the different sets often only separate 1-2 euros. With large providers like Amazon or Saturn you currently pay around 70 euros for a set. You can find the cheapest price on price comparison sites such as Idealo, or Geizhals.

With certain promotions or on special sales "holidays" like Black Friday you can get the Joy-Cons for 55 euros – but you shouldn't be picky about the color. If you want the absolutely cheapest price, you should therefore wait for such offer days.

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For Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC: This controller is right for you

Joy-Cons: Who is it worth buying for?

If you are looking for a controller for yourself or for multiplayer games that you can use for TV mode, you should look at the "Switch Pro Controller". The normal Switch comes with two Joy-Cons as standard, with which you can already play titles like "Mario Kart 8 Deluxe", "Super Mario Party" and more in multiplayer mode. If you want to play four people on the console as cheaply as possible but still with original hardware, you can of course buy a second set of Joy-Cons.

The purchase of Joy-Cons can also be worthwhile for Switch Lite owners, as the buttons and sticks are firmly attached to the handheld. So if you would like to play games in local multiplayer with the Lite or would like to play the titles that absolutely require the additional features of the Joy-Cons, you need a set of controllers and a way to charge them.

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