The corona pandemic continues. For this reason, GameStop has now decided to close its stores in Germany. GIGA clarifies what will now change for the game dealer’s customers.

Response to corona pandemic: GameStop closes its stores

From April 19, 2021 the time has come: GameStop closes its branches in Germany. The retail chain for computer games and entertainment software operates around 200 stores in this country, the doors of which will temporarily no longer open from next Monday – that’s GameStop officially on his website known. The branches in Saarland are excluded, they remain open.

The reason for the closure of the shops is that COVID-19 pandemic, as stated in an official press release:

“Due to the current development in connection with the Covid-19 pandemic, GameStopZing has decided to open the stores in Germany from Monday, April 19th. To be closed until further notice in 2021. (…)

GameStopZing wants to offer customers a pleasant and relaxed shopping experience. This also includes rummaging through the stores and personal advice from the employees. In the current circumstances, however, this is difficult or impossible to do. We also want to protect our employees and customers and their health. “

GameStop advises that only the stores will be closed – Customers can still make purchases via the online shop make. The stores should open when the protective measures in connection with coronavirus prevention are relaxed again. However, there is no exact date for this yet.

And what else happened in the last week? In the GIGA headlines we summarize the most important news of the week for you:

What happens to my order now? GameStop clears up

If you place an order in the GameStop online store and have it sent to your home, you don’t have to worry. All orders will continue to be processed and shipped.

However, customers who have pre-ordered something directly in the shop face a problem. According to the FAQ it is not possible for GameStop to change or cancel pre-orders or to send them directly to customers’ homes instead. Instead, the orders are stored in the stores and only issued when the stores reopen. When it is issued, customers can then decide to rebook or cancel the pre-order. All deposits will be refunded in this case.

As soon as GameStop reopens its shops, we will let you know. Until then, you can continue to shop in the chain’s online store and have the goods sent directly to your home.