In WoW Shadowlands, the developers are again trying to learn from their mistakes from the previous expansion and to implement the feedback from the players to some extent so that the priest's three ways of playing are made as interesting as possible. We will see in the alpha phase whether this has been achieved.

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General changes for the priest in Shadowlands

In Shadowlands, many classes have access to some of the capabilities of other specs. Sweep with the priest Shadow Word: Death, Thought, Shadow word: pain, Soul of power and Soothing thoughts back for all playing styles. The "Shadow" gets another damage cooldown, healers get the opportunity to stand a little higher in the damage meter if they want. The highlight of this change is, of course Soul of power.

With this spell you can not only prove yourself, but also others and thus increase the speed of the target by 20 percent every 20 minutes for 20 seconds. Coupled with other cooldowns like Shadow spirit Is this a very strong damage cooldown or a supporter ability, for which you as a healer will have many damage classes in Shadowlands.

The shadow priest in Shadowlands

Not too much has happened with the Shadow in the Alpha. There are signs in the game files that Void flash now supposedly also during the term of Flaying thoughts can be cast or the channeling magic is not interrupted, but so far this has not been the case. In the defensive area, you notice that Shadow healing now restores more health, but also costs a little more mana. Instead of four shadow healings, we can only work three at a time.

WoW Shadowlands: soul of power for everyone! This awaits the priest (4)

WoW Shadowlands: soul of power for everyone! This awaits the priest (4)

Source: Buffed

Significantly more important is the implementation of Desperate Prayer for the Shadow, which is next to you Dispersion granted a second strong defensive cooldown. The biggest change for the Shadow is the return of Shadow Word: Death as a standard skill. You can do some damage to an opponent every 13 seconds and get 15 points of madness. If this does not defeat the target, the damage you deal is also dealt to you. Shadow Word: Death is in the talent tree by the appropriate talent Death and madness replaced.

If a target dies within six seconds of using Shadow Word: Death, you will gain 40 Insanity over four seconds and the Shadow Word: Death cooldown will complete. Get in dungeons and boss fights with adds Promising spirits with it competition. The talent should abdicate especially at the beginning of the expansion.

The new descent into madness

After this Descent into madness was much too strong at the beginning of Legion, it then had to be significantly weakened. Since then Descent into madness no longer touched by shadow priests. In Shadowlands, the developers are trying to make the damage cooldown, which can punish the "Shadow" with death, playable again. The tooltip on the alpha server reads as follows: You immediately get 100 insanity and works Empty eruption to the goal. For the next 25 seconds, your abilities generate 100 percent more madness and you can cast spells out of the movement.

If the target doesn't die within 25 seconds, you die (two minute cooldown). Instead of losing 90 percent of our life points after the effect expires, our character blesses the timing when that starts at Descent into madness targeted target does not die within 25 seconds. This is still risky, but sometimes much better than the effect in BfA.

You should only use the cooldown only if you know that the target is dying, cannot heal and you are not in danger of being controlled by opponents during the runtime. Whether Descent into madness against Legacy of the Void and Dark rise in this series, however, we doubt. Legacy of the Void was always set in the past.

The Holy Priest in Shadowlands

WoW Shadowlands: soul of power for everyone! This awaits the priest (1)

WoW Shadowlands: soul of power for everyone! This awaits the priest (1)

Source: Buffed

The Holy Priest can expect a few small but nice updates in Shadowlands. For example, the talent unpopular in BfA increases Beyond now the range of your healings by 30 percent and Holy fire gets a cast time of 1.3 seconds, but does more damage. The best change concerns Circle of Healing.

Circle of Healing will be part of the standard repertoire of the "Holys" in the upcoming expansion. Since a talent in the 75 series has to move up for Circle of Healing, Prayer circle designed. Prayer circle causes the casting time of your Healing Prayer spell to be reduced by 30 percent for eight seconds after you use Circle of Healing. Next Wave of light and Unifying healing is Prayer circle a very good choice for fights where a lot of group healing is required in a short time.

New PvP talent steals skills

thanks Great healing the Holy Priest is a stunner, especially in the 2v2 arena, in Shadowlands priests are made even more tasty for PvP by the Holy way of playing. With the new PvP talent robbery you sneak into the thoughts of an enemy target and steal a spell. This spell cannot then be used by your victim for 20 seconds. Thought stealing can only be used with humanoids with mana. If you can't find a spell, the cooldown will be from Thought stealing completed immediately and you will get a new try.

The discipline priest in Shadowlands

With the damage spells of the shadow style of play, the Disci gets further possibilities to support his group in damage. The discipline style of play even receives the surface magic Thought explosionto do some damage to larger groups. The Disci uses Lightning healing also with the holy priest. Lightning healing gets a little less healing than Shadow healing and does not apologize to the target, but costs less mana.

WoW Shadowlands: soul of power for everyone! This awaits the priest (2)

WoW Shadowlands: soul of power for everyone! This awaits the priest (2)

Source: Buffed

The revision of provides for more group healing Shadow Alliance. The talent is currently only used in BfA if a lot of group damage hits the raid and the preacher combo is not enough. To make the spell more attractive, in addition to healing on five targets, it causes your damage dealt to increase by 25 percent for seven seconds after you cast it. However, you cannot work healings during this period. Atonement heals, however, continue to restore life to your fellow players, which is what the damage buff does. Because for the discipline there is still damage = healing on apology goals.

By distributing apologies in combination with preachers, even higher healing peaks can be achieved and your burst healing is no longer from Shadow spirit dependent. With all the new damage spells that the shadow play has given you, however, you have to consider that these do not trigger an apology healing.

Don't be sorry

indulgence says goodbye to the last talent series. The passive ability was one of those no-brainer skills that were always used outside of the raid. From the developers' point of view, this was not satisfactory. To make the talent series a little more exciting, a new talent called Caress of the light whose place. So that gets Power word: barrier an additional passive ability: as soon as allies enter your protective bubble, they are healed for 1,000 life points. If they are still in the area of ​​effect when the dome expires, 1,000 life points are restored. This is a nice effect for dungeons, but preachers are still ahead in the raid.

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