That was how difficult it was to work on patch 5.3

The development on Patch 5.3 "Reflections in Crystal" went anything but smooth for the team around Naoki Yoshida. In an interview that the editors of the website Massively overpowered recently with the producer and director of Final Fantasy 14, Yoshida spoke at length about how the restrictions associated with the coronavirus have been the most troublesome for developers.

"Honestly, the hardest part was setting up the workspace for each of our team members. I think working on a standalone game that doesn't require access to a multitude of different servers would have been a lot easier. Working on Final However, this is inevitable in Fantasy 14. Not everything can be done with just the game client, so the biggest challenge for us was to have a large development server, many smaller servers for the various development teams and finally the game client for to set up a home working situation.

However, once the work environment was set up and we had overcome a few more hurdles, there weren't many differences to our usual work. However, the communication between the developers has changed to a purely online environment and the heads of the sections had to be always available in this way. It was especially difficult for them as they had to spend more time coping with these changes in communication. This is still the case, but we have made many changes, such as defining non-working times or times when questions should be asked. This has helped us a lot. "

As it progresses, the interview also revolves around the new content from Patch 5.3, in particular the main scenario "Reflections in Crystal". When asked if a return to the first splinter world was planned at some point, Yoshida replied:

"Maybe, maybe not. I'm a little worried about committing myself to this, and at the same time I want to leave enough room for speculation about what might happen."

Further questions revolved around the new part of the NieR raid and its mechanics, as well as the revision of the main scenario A realm reborn. You can find the very extensive interview in English at Massively overpowered.

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