I already told you in November why I believe that Return to the Blackwing Lair becomes really cool: We expect some iconic boss fights with partly unique mechanics, the Loot is phenomenal and finally in Classic there is the possibility to build the legendary sword Thunderfury. For me personally, visiting BWL will also be a nostalgic trip back to 2005. Actually it is a shame (and at the same time it is good, but more on that later) that all players who missed Vanilla-WoW at that time never really enjoyed the blackwing camp get to know how we experienced him from the very beginning.

The Classic version, which will go online on February 13th at 12:01 a.m., can only scratch the surface and reflect a distorted image of the original (for example, as far as the level of difficulty is concerned). And because of that, I would like to explain in this article how it was almost 15 years ago to visit the Blackwing Lair for the first time.

Hard-fought progress from room 1

Patch 1.6 was released on July 12, 2005 and, with the Blackwing Lair, had a raid challenge in its luggage that was supposed to challenge all raid groups in Azeroth significantly more than the Molten Core had done with Ragnaros and Co. up until then. Right from the start, the players were faced with a painful surprise: there was no trash or easy entry boss to warm up. Instead, two bouncers, Razorgore and Vaelastrasz, greeted all guilds that were crisper than the final boss in MC. Especially "Vael" should earn the reputation of the "Guild Breaker" in the coming weeks, who has guilds on his conscience.

"Crunchy" is of course to be seen in the context of his time. The raid experience of many players was based in many cases solely on what WoW (buy now for € 31.95) had to offer up to now. In addition, word got around quickly to the business bosses, but sophisticated guides and videos – as they are today like sand by the sea – were in short supply at the time. In addition, Vael was initially only able to "tryen" for an hour, after which the dragon disappeared until the next ID started. The situation was similar at Endboss Nefarian: as soon as you mastered the add phase, access to the balcony closed for the rest of the week. A wipe afterwards and the waiting started (Note: Here, by the way, we probably have the only mechanics that were changed in BWL apart from the bug fixing before patch 1.12. So neither will be the case in Classic). No wonder it should take 77 days to get Nefarian's World First Kill.

At the time, my guild used only some of the tricks known today for progress in business administration that can be used to easily undo certain boss mechanics. We went to UBRS before Vaelastrasz to get the fire resistance buff there. Likewise, we later used the Holy Water of Stratholme at Nefarian to bomb the undead as quickly as possible. But I don't remember, for example, that we had thrown in potions of free action at Razogore, regeneration potions at Chromaggus or invulnerability potions if necessary …

At that time, however, knowledge about one's own class was not as pronounced as it is today. For example, many ways of playing relied on their animal set without hesitation; after all, the items were epic and made from the Molten Core and were therefore inevitably great. I myself was "lucky" only because the vanilla-WoW animal sets were good for villains across the board. With today's knowledge I would have the <a href = "https://de.classic.wowhead.com/item=18823/alte-kernlederhandschuhe" title = "Old hide leather gloves"target =" _ blank ">Old hide leather gloves for my dagger swinging but probably not left out … I also remember well that some of our tanks at Nefarian did not get the "stance dance". The targeted switch to berserk conservation plus the subsequent activation of <a href = "https://de.classic.wowhead.com/spell=18499/berserkerwut" title = "Berserker "target =" _ blank ">Berserker necessary to safely counter the fear effect of Nefarian. You didn't need it beforehand, so tutoring sessions had to get the tanks on course.

WoW: Retro trailer for Patch 1.6 – Attack on the Blackwing Lair

The fact that we were stuck forever at Vaelastrasz back then was not only due to all the points mentioned so far. Another reason was the internet. I still remember well that in many attempts we had to struggle with a latency of 21,000+ and that actually four or more players were constantly thrown out of the game after the pull. And this with a boss like Vael, who needs quick reactions, for example to get a tank change with pinpoint accuracy or to move a character that will soon explode away from the group. Remarkable: For some reason the internet problems in the other rooms of the day care center have never been so bad.

I no longer know how long it took until we finally had business management at farm status. I still have the cheering in the TS after the first kill from Nefarian in my ears. And what I remember exactly: We were extremely proud of the kill, also because only a few other players on our server had achieved this performance before. When we first placed Nefarian's head in Orgrimmar, the whole guild was naturally present. So did many other players on the server who congratulated us and celebrated with us.

Waiting times from hell

The long explanatory and allocation phase at Razorgore, the internet problems at Vael, later the respawn timer from Nefarian … I personally associate incredibly many and long waiting times with business administration. But they also came from the fact that it was not as easy in BWL as in the Molten Core to go for a round of "afk". The trash came a whole mercilessly, and then there was the notorious trap room, where no fighter was allowed to remain.

Since we regularly spent four to five hours in business on the raid days, the desire for one or the other break could not be avoided. In contrast to MC, our raid leaders quickly defined fixed break times. However, there were always unplanned interruptions. Sometimes technical problems were the reason, but partly it was also due to the mentality of some players from back then. I had experienced something like this in Vanilla quite often in groups thrown together for dungeons and world bosses. In Classic or BfA (but also in previous years), at least in my WoW environment, such forced breaks occur much less often.

Before and after, there was never anything like the BWL trap room from Vanilla-WoW in World of Warcraft.

Before and after, there was never anything like the BWL trap room from Vanilla-WoW in World of Warcraft.

Source: Buffed

Geiler Loot and DKP madness

Again and again I have heard from vanilla or private server players that the BWL loot has caused a lot of drama in their guild. Sure, just some of the weapons and trinkets offer a huge upgrade to items previously available in the game, and some of the loot items from the hoard to Naxxramas or even beyond remain relevant. In addition, the most desirable things appear very rarely in the loot window. For my guild, for example, the existence of the Chromatically Hardened Sword was nothing more than a rumor, the second blade Maladath has dropped once in tens of months. Paaarty!

Karsten's villain in the vanilla era; With Tier 2 set and Maladath.

Karsten's villain in the vanilla era; With Tier 2 set and Maladath.

Source: Buffed

Fortunately, there was never any drama in my guild. If teammates got upset, it was more about the waiting times already mentioned or about the place on the substitute bench (because we were all really keen on raiding). Oh, and at some point after the release of Business Administration, we had problems getting enough enrollments for the Molten Core. We did not want to do without MC entirely, because there one or the other upgrade and of course the shackles or the eyes of Ragnaros could have dropped.

Perhaps the loot caused little trouble because we were using a DKP system and it was up to everyone to earn the points for bidding on the items of their choice. However, the way in which players used the DKP system changed in business administration. Suddenly there were agreements in the class chat to only have to pay the minimum for intra-class loot pieces so that you had more points for the highly competitive items. For the jewelry and weapons, sometimes huge amounts were put on the table. Players who subsequently strengthened the raid actually had no chance to bid here. The disadvantages of DKP systems really came to the surface at least in our nursery …

Nevertheless, I associate positive things with the loot in business studies. Many Tier 2 sets just look great, as do the various weapons from the raid. In fact, at the release of TBC, my villain still carried a number of items from the blackwing hoard on the body, combined with a few pieces of loot from Naxxramas and AQ40. And how stupid I found it to have to exchange these beloved items in the Outland already in the level phase. Then I looked at the loot in WoW with different eyes, namely as a pure means to an end. Maladath, the blood collection set or the dragon fang talisman were more than that to me.

Long and frequent waiting, for the entire remaining ID of spawning bosses, high latency in combination with regular disconnections and the potential for loot drama – maybe one or the other of you is surprised that I – certainly also nostalgically transfigured – is so positive about business administration think back. But honestly: Overcoming all these hurdles and still having all the bosses on farm status was something special. Especially since one should not forget that the daycare center was also a noticeable advance in design and design towards MC and Ony's home. We had never before entered such an impressive raid.

Today, of course, we look back on a completely different vita. We visited the Icecrown Citadel, the Black Temple and many other impressive places. I also fear that BWL in Classic will be too easy for any reasonably ambitious guild to tickle more than a satisfied nod – more on this in the article How difficult is the Raid Pechschwingenhort (BWL)? No, it will not be a special achievement to have completely mastered business administration in Classic. You can't just repeat the first time, and that's actually a good thing.

WoW Classic: Blackwing Lair in Retro Video – Anno 2006

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