You need a new mobile phone tariff, but you don’t want to gamble with a new smartphone? Then you shouldn’t miss the current offer on There you can currently get a Nintendo Switch including 15 GB LTE data volume in the Vodafone network for only 19.99 euros per month. GIGA has the details for you.

Nintendo Switch plus 15 GB LTE data volume in the Vodafone network

If you don’t necessarily need a smartphone for your new mobile tariff, you can either look for a good SIM-only offer or look for a bundle offer with other promotional devices. How about, for example, a Nintendo Switch in the cool “Mario Red & Blue” design? These are currently included 15 GB LTE data volume For monthly 19.99 euros at

In the well-developed Vodafone network you can surf with up to 21.6 Mbit / s in the download. Germany-wide phone calls and SMS are included in the Allnet flat rate.

The following costs await you:

  • Monthly tariff costs: 19.99 euros (a total of 479.76 euros over 24 months)
  • One-time payment: Nintendo Switch: 129 euros
  • Connection fee: 39.99 euros
  • Free shipping
    = 648,75 Euro

In the following video you will find out everything you need to know about the Nintendo Switch:

The tariff details at a glance:

  • Provider: Otelo
  • Tarif: Allnet-Flat Classic
  • Network: Vodafone
  • Minimum contract period is 24 months
  • Allnet flat rate for telephony & SMS
  • 15 GB LTE data volume (max. 21.6 Mbit / s)
  • Reduced download speed: 64 kbps
  • EU-Roaming inklusive

Tariff bundle with Nintendo Switch on offer: is the deal worth it?

In order to be able to estimate how much you are really paying for the services of the tariff, we offset the value of the hardware with the total costs listed above over the 24-month minimum contract period. The cheapest price for a new Nintendo Switch “Mario Red & Blue” design is currently around 350 euros, according to If you subtract this sum from the costs, you have 298.75 euros left. Efficient So you pay for the pure mobile tariff service 12.45 euros per month .

For 15 GB Data volume in the Vodafone network is a good price. Only the limited download speed slows down the LTE volume a bit. For Netflix and Co. in full HD resolution, however, 21.6 Mbit / s is easily enough. In general, good coverage by the Vodafone network is more important here.

Are you the ultimate Nintendo fanboy?

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