A major auction recently ended and the prototype offered by Sony and Microsoft found a new owner. The highest bid is quite impressive.

There was a time when Sony and Microsoft weren't competitors, they were worked together on a console. However, only 200 of this prototype were made and the console itself never appeared on the market in the end. A father-son team from the United States could until recently be the proud owner of such a prototype, but now the two have found a new owner.

The well-preserved prototype was auctioned for a whopping $ 360,000. and will be shipped to its new owner shortly. What exactly happens to it is uncertain. Maybe the console can soon be viewed in a museum or at exhibitions.

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One of the last Nintendo PlayStation prototypes will be auctioned in February

In total there were just 200 prototypes of the PlayStation. This is basically an assembly of Super Nintendo and a CD-ROM drive – a collaboration between Sony and Nintendo. Now one of the last copies will be auctioned shortly.

Once Sony and Nintendo agreed on their joint project, the PlayStation would actually have appeared as a hybrid. Cartridges and CDs could have been started with the console. In 1991, however, this project was put on hold and both companies went their own way. 200 of these prototypes have been in circulation since then.

In 2015, a son found one of these pieces of jewelry among his father's belongings. This had once bought the console. Together the team exhibited the piece on different expos, but traveling tore a big hole in the pockets. The team has so far refused high bids, but now it is time to let go. Because of this, the console auctioned in March 2020.

There are many consoles, but a few of them are very special.

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The market determines the price

A father and son have already rejected a bid of around $ 1.2 million from Norway. After the taxes withheld, the sharing with his son and the payment of his debts, there was nothing left of it, he said Kotaku. Heritage Auctions, one of the most famous auction houses worldwide, is holding the auction.

“It will definitely sell and the market determines the price. In the case of this particular item, it is difficult to predict anything, ”says Herite's employee Valerie McLeckie.