That's the jailer's real name

The primus is at the center of the story of Maldraxxus in WoW: Schadowlands. Once known in the Shadowlands as a great warlord, brilliant tactician, and skilled blacksmith. The banner of the Primus united the houses into a powerful army. Legend has it that the undead put the forces of Light, Void and even the demons of the Burning Legion to flight.

The disappearance of the Primus sparked a civil war in Maldraxxus. The five houses that fought side by side for millennia and defended the Shadowlands from all sorts of intruders pissed each other off. These catastrophes have decimated the armies of the undead so much that the necrolords decimated the sinister army of the jailer have not grown anymore.

Attention! Big story spoilers follow!

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WoW Shadowlands: The Primus, the First and the Real Name of the Jailer (1)

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The jailer has a name!

The chaos that reigns when our heroes arrive in Maldraxxus is the finale of the great game of intrigue of the jailer, who broke his chains and formed a powerful armed force from all the dark creatures that had been banished to the Maw in the past. The following dialog that the dataminers of Wowhead discovered confirms this story.

"I am the Primus. Your presence within my sanctum means a darkness has fallen upon Maldraxxus … and all the realms of Death.
Ages ago, the Eternal Ones punished our brother Zovaal for his treachery. He was bound within the inescapable Maw, to be forevermore its Jailer.
Now I fear that Zovaal did not act alone. I suspect he had ancient allies … and will seek to win others to his cause.
That you are hearing this message means my suspicions proved true. Zovaal has forged his chains into a weapon … and brought about my defeat.
There is but one hope to save the Shadowlands. The Eternal Ones must stand together once more, before the Jailer escapes the Maw.
Bring my warning to the Archon, the Winter Queen, and the Sire. They must see to our defenses. Do not let Zovaal reach the sepulcher.
The arbiter is the final key. Protect her, or all is lost. "

WoW Shadowlands: The Primus, the First and the Real Name of the Jailer (2)

WoW Shadowlands: The Primus, the First and the Real Name of the Jailer (2)

Source: Buffed

So the jailer's name was Zovaal and he was one of the first to shape the Warcraft universe and domains. For some reason Zovaal cheated on his siblings, who unceremoniously banished him to the gullet. After a long time, however, the jailer was able to free himself. As revenge, he lured the primus to Torghast and enslaved the blacksmith (keyword: legendary blacksmiths).

Whether that happened before the war against the Burning Legion or afterwards ?! This information is particularly exciting because the question is currently in the room: Did the Primus forge the armor of the Lich King and the runic sword Frostmourne voluntarily (and thus knowingly shared his knowledge with the Legion) or in captivity under duress. The numerous story puzzle pieces and the chronological sequences are difficult to put together into an overall picture at the moment. We suspect, if the order of the events of Warcraft 1 through 3 is still correct, that the jailer and not the primus was responsible for creating the cursed artifacts.

The Eternal Crusade

The demons' interest in the knowledge of the necrolords also seems to be so great that they continue to besiege the necropolis long after Kil'jaeden and the creation of the Lich King. In the animated short film Nachleben: Maldraxxus, we see how Draka first spies on the demonic intruders and kills them a short time later. The interesting thing about this section is that it is the same images that were used in Illidan's short film in WoW (buy now € 39.99 ) Legion were seen. The whole encompassed WoW fan on Reddit in the form of a direct comparison.

WoW: The second afterlife short film – Maldraxxus

Of course, the question remains whether the developers simply recycled this image or whether the Burning Legion will actually celebrate some kind of comeback in WoW: Shadowlands. In any case, there is much to suggest that the demons are still active even after the defeat of the Legion. We must remember that the leaders of the Burning Legion formed the Scourge with the stolen knowledge of the Necrolords. So it would not be a big surprise if in the near future new powerful demons emerge from the shadows of Sargeras, Kil'jaeden and Co to claim the source of power that lies dormant deep in Maldraxxus for themselves.

The price of exile

Let us summarize the story briefly again: The first are the creators of the universe, they also formed the pantheon of death. The so-called first include Zoovaal, Archon (Kyrianer), the Primus (Maldraxxus), the Winter Queen (Nachtfae) and Count Denathrius (Venthyr). It seems that the first left reality and drifted apart over the millennia. Everyone concentrated on their own sphere of influence until one day Zovaal came up with the idea of ​​expanding his territory at the expense of his siblings.

The other creators then allied themselves and locked the jailer in the darkest place of the Shadowlands. And what's more: They took his name from him and tore the gem (maybe a kind of soul stone?) Out of his chest. They then planted this in the judge, who took on Zovaal's task. That would also explain why the first set great store by the fact that it is a machine (ergo the machinery of death). Guided by logic and without emotions, she was able to fulfill her important task better than a capricious god, who distributed the souls and thus also the anima energy as he pleased.

Could this theory be true? Well, how the story of WoW: Shadowlands will develop over the next few months remains to be seen. Perhaps the reasons for the jailer's thirst for revenge and power are not as obvious as expected. We are also certain that not all Pact leaders have noble intentions and that they might well sympathize with the jailer's absurd ideas. What do you all mean?

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