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Since October 20, 2020, Pokémon Go players from level 20 have been wondering about new field research that is highlighted in blue and marked with AR mapping. These are called AR mapping tasks by the Niantic people. What's it all about?

Since October 20, 2020, Pokémon Go players have had the opportunity to receive a blue field research when they spin the photo disc of a PokéStop, provided their trainer is at least level 20. The developers at Niantic call these mini-missions AR mapping tasks and, like normal field research, count towards the daily stamp of field research breakthrough when done. But what is AR mapping all about?

Whoever receives one of the blue missions will be asked to scan the point of interest of the associated PokéStop. If you want to do that, you have to press the right arrow during mapping field research and you will then be asked to get closer to the PokéStop and scan it and the surrounding area. If you do that, you will help the developers of Pokémon Go plugging together 3D cards of your favorite PokéStops and arenas in order to further develop and refine the "AR functions for Pokémon Go." Of course, these AR mapping tasks can be thrown away if you don't feel like doing them.

"The feature is not initially available for Niantic Kids accounts. Parents and guardians will be able to enable the feature for Niantic Kids accounts in the future. Stay tuned to find out more about the availability of this option," they note Makers of Pokémon Go on. By the way, trainers from level 20 onwards get these tasks even if they have not activated the PokéStop scan in the Pokémon Go menu. If you are worried about your privacy when suddenly a horde of Pokémon Go players is recording videos: The people at Niantic promise that recognizable objects like faces and license plates will be automatically defaced when the videos are uploaded to the Niantic servers. In addition, no personalized data of the participants in the PokéStop scan is sent to Niantic or stored by Niantic. The videos will Not linked to player accounts.

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