There were numerous games to be seen at the big E3 showcase from Microsoft and Bethesda. Among other things, there was fresh material for the role-playing game Starfield and titles such as STALKER 2 and Halo Infinite have done the honor. But what about the role-playing game Avowed from the development studio Obsidian Entertainment? Many fans had hoped to learn more about the RPG at E3, but there was no trace of the project.

However, that does not mean that work on Avowed has stalled and there is nothing to show – on the contrary. As Obsidian Entertainment explains in a statement, there was simply no time to prepare an E3 presentation:

Avowed: New role-playing game from Obsidian Entertainment shows up in the first trailer

“For those who would have liked to know more about Avowed, the team is working hard to develop it and we are sure that fans of our games and the Pillars of Eternity universe will love it. We look forward to showing you soon, what we’ve been working on. It’s never been more exciting to work at Obsidian as we make games that we really care about. For us, it’s about creating worlds for players to take on as someone who they always wanted to be. We are very excited about the overwhelming support you have given us over the years and are enthusiastic about what you and all of you have created and destroyed in Grounded. We are delighted To see what you’ll do in Avowed and The Outer Worlds 2 in the future! “

Accordingly, there should be more details and news about Avowed shortly, without a specific date being known. There may be a separate (streaming) event about the next Obsidian RPG soon.

Those: Obsidian Entertainment

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