That's why the dev kit looks so unusual

The release of the PS5 is approaching, but there was still a question in the room: Why does the Devkit have a V-shape? Author Tom Warren from The Verge magazine explains the reason.

The devkits of the PlayStation 5 stand out especially by their eye-catching V-shape. This should be real – but why this form? This question has already caused many discussions and speculation in the net. Tim Warren explained that the look is mainly of a practical nature. It's about the cooling.

Due to the shape of the air can circulate better. This is especially useful when game developers stack several consoles. This allows the air to flow out of the sides as well as from the center, even in heavily loaded consoles, and test whether the hardware can withstand specific requirements.

Whether the shape of the Xbox Scarlett competitor stays that way or whether it will be adapted for the customers remains to be seen. We will certainly learn in the coming months. We will keep you up to date.

Original news from October 11, 2019, 12:30 pm:

PS5: That could be the colors of the new console, Dev-Kit confirmed

Recently, there is finally real information about the PlayStation 5. Details about how the console will look, but are still in short supply. After all, it has since been confirmed that the previously known images of the console are actually the official Dev kit.

With a release period towards the end of 2020 and some other technical details, Sony has already revealed some information about the PlayStation 5. Furthermore, the appearance of the console is unclear. The Dutch website LetsGoDigitalalready based on information from Gizmodo and created a patent images of a PS5 console, has now made more images of the prototype. As the magazine WIRED confirmed, this is the console's official dev kit.

For comparison, look at how players have imagined the PS5 so far:

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That's how players imagine the PS5 – design, looks and images

Also, the information on the colors of the PS5 prototype comes from the insider contact of Gizmodo. On the two pictures a coloring in silver and black can be seen, as well as a new arrangement of the keys. With this information, the LetsGoDigital design team has created another visualization of the PS5 dev kit.

How close this prototype and its colors to the retail version of the PlayStation 5 is difficult to judge. But usually dev kits never look exactly like the model that later comes in the store. For great enthusiasm, this design and the players would probably not worry anyway. However, it is somehow reminiscent of a mixture of a neck pillow and the charger for the batteries of a drill.

Do you think the PS5 will look like this or better?

Original news from 2 October 2019:

PS5: Patent reveals the possible appearance of the console

At the moment, there is still no specific information available about the release and the price of the much-anticipated PlayStation 5. Instead, there are now solid clues as to what Sony's new flagship might look like.

On May 25, 2019, the law firm of Kasznar Leonardo in Brazil registered a patent on behalf of Sony. This patent includes, among other things, nine views of a futuristic looking device.

The Dutch website LetsGoDigital then published an article in August 2019in which among others a 3D render of the console was included. The assumption of LetsGoDigital: The device is the PlayStation 5 or its Developer Console.

At first glance, these images may be wild speculations, but the website Gizmodo has good reason to believe that the design is real.

How trustworthy are the pictures?

So the website Gizmodo has contact to an insider, This person claims to work with models of the PlayStation 5 as well as the upcoming Xbox and can prove it: In the form of two bad pixelated, 33.5Kb files with the dimensions 238 × 144.

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PS5: 13 games that should not be missed on the Next Gen console

These images, which Gizmodo deliberately did not publish to protect their contact, actually show the model that can also be seen in the patent. However, the images of the insider have a crucial peculiarity: they were sent to Gizmodo, before the patent has reached the public. Otherwise, it would eventually be possible for any 3D artist to fake alleged images of the console.

However, since the images were previously created, it seems reasonable to assume that they are real images and that the patent applied for was actually implemented. However, there is still the question of whether the final PlayStation 5 is actually displayed and it will be available in this form in the store, or whether it is just a Developer Console, which will never be sold freely in this form.