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The beginning of 2020 is the next big thing for WoW (Buy now for € 17.31) Classic! Blackwing Lair's Blackwing Lair (BWL) opens its doors in Blackrock in Phase 3, letting us face a whopping eight adversaries, including iconic nasties like Vaelastrasz or Nefarian. Back in Vanilla-WoW, we spent many, many months in the Raid near the Upper Blackrock Peak. The fact that we are looking forward to the new raid just like an orc in the bloodlust, which was suspended in the middle of the Allianz Zerg, has not only nostalgic reasons. There are a number of reasons why the return to Nefarian's hoard is really cool.

Varied antagonists

he fight against dragon Vaelastrasz is one of the most iconic of WoW history.

he fight against dragon Vaelastrasz is one of the most iconic of WoW history.

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The Molten Core in 2005 was something like the training camp for raid newbies. At Lucifron, Garr and Co., we learned aggro management, add control, cleaning dangerous effects, focus damage and the realization that it hurts in the fire. All of these mechanics were inoculated into the bosses in homeopathic doses, accordingly, the mechanics of the core challenges seem simple today. With the second Vanilla Raid Blackwing Hoard, however, the Blizzard designers were able to put a decent shake on the level of difficulty, accordingly, the bosses play in business management varied.

For example, in the first room, we have to take control of Razorgore and destroy the local dragon eggs, while most of the raid beats back the enemy hordes that are constantly pouring out of the corners. Immediately afterwards, the next highlight awaits all raids: the fight against Vaelastrasz. Thanks to a buff, we have an infinite amount of anger, mana, and energy, but there's not much time left to send the dragon to the ground. In fact, players are regularly sacrificed – even tanks. At the same time, you have to keep an eye on the threat and reduce the damage done when needed. An exciting and exhausting fight.

Class calls at Nefarian

Business studies in the fact check
• Vanilla release: July 12, 2005 (patch 1.6)
• Entrance in Blackrock
• 8 bosses
• World First Kill of Nefarian: September 26, 2005
• Vorquest leads you to the Upper Blackrock Spire
• Expected Classic Release: early 2020
From today's point of view, the BWL bosses will certainly demand no more than their predecessors at the core. Already in 2005 professional guilds were able to defeat all opponents up to and including Chromaggus on the second day. Only Nefarian turned out to be a tough nut. It should last 77 days until the final boss's World First Kill. One reason for this: the deadly shadow flame, which can only be resolved with the <a href = " cloak" title = "Onyxia Scale Cloak"target =" _ blank ">Onyxia Scale Cloak Survive safely. The protective part must first be made for the entire raid. Reason number 2: the different phases of the boss fight.

First, enemy hordes flock to the balcony, with the factor coincidence deciding which enemies to deal with. In Phase 2 you get to do it with Nefarian's Dragon form. Warriors dance in postures to ward off the fear effect, the various class shouts cause both panic and fun (magicians turn into colleagues in giraffes or cows, for example, sorcerers summon infernal beasts who attack the raid). The Gaudi is then loosened up by an intermediate phase in which all the defeated servants at first come to life again. If you fail you have to wait 15 minutes for the respawn of Nefarian (at the beginning even the access of the area for the rest of the ID was closed as soon as you reached a certain phase in the fight – reason no. 3 for the long time until the World First Kill. This was later repealed with a patch).

Actually, the developers of Blizzard are really pretty mean. They're already packing some of the tier 2 class sets into the bag lists of Ragnaros and Onyxia and we have to wait for the other six pieces. That was stupid at that time in Vanilla-WoW, and it's stupid even now in Classic-WoW. Also, because the second generation of the animal sets are not only good for many styles of play, but because they look cross-class and visually just great and belong to the prettiest sets of WoW history. At the sight of the Bloodfang Armor alone, the author of these lines begins the uncontrolled Drooling. But the wait will soon come to an end! With the start of Phase 3 and the opening of the Blackwing Shackle we can finally complete our set and put the less cool Tier 1 pieces on the bench!

WoW Classic: Blackwing Short in Retro Video – Anno 2006

We are rewarded for our efforts in business administration but not only with parts of the Tier 2 set. On the contrary, retail WoW players are still making a regular pilgrimage to the Blackwing Lair, as the weapons from the Raid instance are simply fantastic. Let's just take the two one-handed swords <a href = "" title = "Maladath"target =" _ blank ">Maladath or the <a href = "" title = "Chromatically hardened sword"target =" _ blank ">Chromatically hardened sword – Both are among the most impressive blades that you can wear today. But the two-handed ax is also beautifully designed <a href = "" title = "Dragonian avenger"target =" _ blank ">Dragonian avenger, the iconic two-handed sword <a href = " brotherhood" title = "Ashkandi"target =" _ blank ">AshkandiFiery <a href = "" title = "Drachenodemhandkanone"target =" _ blank ">Drachenodemhandkanone or the <a href = " flame" title = "Staff of the Shadowflame"target =" _ blank ">Staff of the Shadowflame by Nefarian himself. And that's just the tip of the iceberg – all the brave heroes will find many more loot pieces, including hugely powerful jewelry, rings, capes and whatever else you need.

The booty from business studies looks so cool that it is often used today as a Transmog template. Here's the great one-hand sword Maladath by Brutlord Lashlayer.

The booty from business studies looks so cool that it is often used today as a Transmog template. Here's the great one-hand sword Maladath by Brutlord Lashlayer.

Source: buffed

The access to the hoard is also important for a previously unnamed weapon that any WoW fan is likely to recognize from afar, but does not drop in the raid instance itself. We mean, of course, the legendary sword <a href = "" title = "Thunderfury"target =" _ blank ">Thunderfurywhich requires the use of elementium ingots. The ore needed for it as well as the recipe <a href = "" title = "Smelting elementium"target =" _ blank ">Smelting elementium again, there are only in business administration. If you master the art of alchemy, the regular trip to the hoard is also worthwhile. Because there you will find a lab where you can make flasks.

For the trap course in front of Boss Brutlord Lashlayer take some rogues with business studies! They defuse the gas pillars.

For the trap course in front of Boss Brutlord Lashlayer take some rogues with business studies! They defuse the gas pillars.

Source: buffed

Noteworthy is the trap course between Vaelastrasz and Brutlord Lashlayer. The traps emit a gas that slows down all players nearby. But stupidly, there are lots of add-ons around the traps that want to be defeated. Good that villains can defuse traps. Nevertheless, this section has probably remained in the memory of very few Vanilla veterans.

WoW: Retro Trailer for Patch 1.6 – Attack on the Blackwing Hoard

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