of Lukas Schmid
Hype: No later than the internet has existed, no film, no game can be announced without at least trying to create hype around it. However, there is always the danger that this hype will ultimately be disappointed. In our video we take a look back at such disappointments: These ten games could not meet our expectations in 2019 for a variety of reasons.

Oh yes, hype. Regardless of whether it was pushed by the manufacturer of a game or whether you are looking forward to a title individually: Anticipation can make a gaming experience even more intense and better. So, provided the finished title also meets the high expectations. Too often, however, it happens that a video game is not as great at release as we imagined it to be. Be it individual elements that disappoint or the gaming experience as a whole. Sometimes the disappointment is due to the fact that the new part of an established and popular series suddenly lags behind in quality, sometimes it is a new brand that looked more promising before the release than it really is, the reasons for disappointment are many!

Without a fixed order, we present to you the ten games that, in our opinion, caused the most disappointed faces in 2019. And before anyone asks: Yes, Anthem is of course prominently on the list. And of course also Ubisoft's ghost recon breakpoint debacle, which led to the French company now postponing all projects under development.

Attention: Of course, all the games we have chosen are only disappointments in our opinion. If you had a lot of fun with one of the titles mentioned and do not share our criticism of it, this is of course absolutely legitimate. Tastes are different and what one group finds moderately successful is well received by the other. Just tell us in the comments why you think we wronged one or more of the titles!

And be sure to check out the numerous other best and worst-of-lists that we publish for you during the holidays. Check it out either here or on our YouTube channel on. Have fun!

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