The 10 biggest Shitstorms 2019: video about the gaming excitement

of Lukas Schmid
Every year we get to hear and read the term with great regularity: Shitstorms. Sometimes unjustified, sometimes less justifiable, the internet mob gathers and complains loudly about a controversial topic. In our video special, we list the ten biggest excitement that the gaming community was dealing with in 2019.

Shitstorms have been an integral part of it since the Internet was launched. In forums, on social networks, and in all sorts of other places, people across the World Wide Web express their displeasure with events, statements, and other things, often enough on channels where they come into direct contact with the source of the outrage can.

The game world is of course no exception. Shitstorms are part of everyday life there too. Every year there are new topics that cause excitement, just think of the loot boxes in Star Wars: Battlefront 2 and the bumpy explanation EA, or the women's rights activist Anita Sarkeesian, who is deeply hated by certain circles.

In 2019, lots of sows were driven through the internet village again, some with a certain justification, others for less good reasons. It is common to all these shitstorms that they excited a lot of people – which in turn led to backlash from those who do not share the anger. In our large video special, we look back at what we think are the ten biggest excitants of the past twelve months.

Which topic particularly affected you in 2019? Let us know in the comments! By the way, we have prepared a lot of other exciting best and worst of lists for you over the holidays, which you can find here on the website as well on our Youtube channel place. We hope you enjoy looking at it!

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