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The 20 best bargains shortly before the end

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Black Friday 2020 is history. Cyberweek lies on the ground with a rattle, but still has strength in its joints. In any case, a few last great deals are still available. You can find out what these are at GIGA.

Cyberweek at Saturn: Top deals even after Black Friday

The Cyberweek deals at Saturn are only until Sunday at 8:00 p.m. available – at least if they are not sold out by then. We have checked all the offers that are still available, compared the prices and only list real bargains below. Tip: From a purchase value of 100 euros you can save an additional 10 euros with the newsletter voucher.

Cyberweek: The 20 best Saturn bargains

  1. Xbox One S For 171.19 euros instead of 203.86 euros – more in the article: Why the Xbox One S is still worth it
  2. Samsung Galaxy A51: Very popular mid-range cell phone for 218.97 euros instead of 254.99 euros
  3. Samsung Galaxy A41: Middle-class cell phone, Stiftung Warentest "good" (2.5) for 185.35 euros instead of 209.12 euros
  4. Samsung Galaxy Note 20: High-end smartphone with 256 GB, 4G, stylus for 599.18 euros instead of 653.89 euros
  5. Samsung Galaxy S20 FE in contract + Nintendo Switch Lite: Mobile phone + console + tariff incl. 20 GB LTE (max. 225 Mbit / s) in o2Network, telephony /SMS flat For 24.99 euros / month + one-time 68.99 euros (Additional payment for device + connection fee) → 668.75 euros total cost over 24 months – cheaper than the unit price of the devices!
  6. Samsung Galaxy S20 FE in contract + PlayStation 4 Pro: Mobile phone + console + tariff incl. 20 GB LTE (max. 225 Mbit / s) in o2Network, telephony /SMS flat For 29.99 euros / month + one-time 118.99 euros (Additional payment for equipment + connection fee) → 838.75 euros total costs over 24 months – corresponds roughly to the unit price of the devices
  7. Samsung Galaxy S20 FE in contract: Mobile phone + tariff incl. 12 GB LTE (max. 50 Mbit / s) in the O2 network, telephony / SMS flat rate for 19.99 euros / month + one-time 44.81 euros (Additional payment for equipment, connection fee, shipping) → 524.57 euros total costs over 24 months – corresponds roughly to the unit price of the cell phone
  8. Samsung GUTU7079: Popular 4K LED TV from 333.38 euros instead of 388.94 euros (43-inch version) – be quick, some sizes are already sold out
  9. LG 65NANO959NA: LG NanoCell 8K-LCD TV, HDMI 2.1 / 120 Hz for an excellent picture, ideal for PS5 and XSX, for 1,798.51 euros (free shipping) instead of 2,899 euros
  10. Samsung GQ65Q77T: 4K QLED TV with 65 inches, HDMI 2.1 / 120 Hz, ideal for PS5 and Series X, for 1,091.61 euros (Market pick-up or +29.90 euros shipping) instead of 1,299.39 euros
  11. Acer H6542 ABDI: Full HD projector with 4,000 ANSI lumens for 459.13 euros instead of 529 euros
  12. Samsung HW-T430: 2.1 soundbar with ext. Subwoofer for 141.67 euros instead of 189 euros
  13. Microsoft Surface 2 Go: Tablet with 10.5-inch display, Pentium Gold 4425Y, 8 GB RAM, 128 GB SSD for 476.68 euros instead of 533.55 euros
  14. HP Envy 15: Office / gaming notebook, 15.6 inch FHD, i5-10300H, 16 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD, GTX 1650 Ti, model 15-ep0355ng for 1,083 euros instead of 1,266.25 euros
  15. Sennheiser PXC 550-II: Wireless over-ear headphones with ANC and Alexa for 169 euros instead of 199 euros – including free Nano Bluetooth adapter
  16. Sony WF-XB700: True Wireless Earbuds with charging case for 66 euros instead of 77.89 euros
  17. Samsung Galaxy Buds Live (Black, White, Bronze or Blue): True wireless in-ear headphones for 108.40 euros (current best price) – GIGA test: 7.8 / 10
  18. Samsung DV9FTA040DW: Heat pump dryer (9 kg, A ++) for 437.69 euros (Pick-up from the market or +29.90 euros for shipping and old devices) instead of 648.99 euros
  19. FritzBox 7590: (V) DSL modem with wireless router for 182.51 euros
  20. Dyson Lightcycle Desk: Table lamp for 347.26 euros instead of 486.42 euros

Of course, that wasn't all the offers. You can also browse the Cyberweek and Samsung campaign pages on Saturn.de or check out our list of the best Cyberweek offers at MediaMarkt – it's more detailed. In addition, practically all products are available from MediaMarkt and Saturn at the same price.

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How do I prepare for Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday at Saturn?

With a few preparations, nothing stands in the way of shooting a bargain. It is best to take the following steps in advance.

  • Register for the newsletter: Now a classic among the bargain tricks: those who subscribe to the Saturn newsletter receive a coupon for the Saturn shop worth 10 euros, redeemable from a shopping cart of 100 euros. The voucher is not bound to an account, so you can also order it with other e-mail addresses and redeem the coupon code on your "main account". More on this in our explanatory article on the subject of the Saturn newsletter. It makes sense to subscribe to the newsletter beforehand in order to have the coupon code at hand in the event of a good bargain.
  • Compare prices: If you have your eye on a certain product, you should get an impression of the price development in advance via price comparison portals such as idealo.de: What were normal prices in the last few weeks? Where were the historical best prices? Price research is also worthwhile during Black Friday, because retailers often undercut each other at short notice.
  • Order online: When in doubt, you can get better prices online. If you want to have your device immediately and save on shipping costs, you can also order online from Saturn.de with store pick-up. From our point of view, what you shouldn't do is plunge into the fray on Black Friday – and not just because of the stress that comes with it. In order to practice social distancing, we particularly recommend this year to shop comfortably from home.
  • Get up early: Many particularly good products sell out quickly because retailers only store a certain amount of products. Those who wait for the best price at the start of the campaign – i.e. at midnight on Black Friday – often have better chances.
  • Register Saturn Card: Occasionally there are discounts only for owners of the Saturn Card. It's not a physical card, you just join some kind of club. Membership is free and offers a few other advantages, such as more options for 0% funding. We don't know whether the Saturn Card is necessary to benefit from the Black Weekend offers – being registered, but it doesn't hurt.
  • Stop by GIGA: We will comprehensively accompany Black Friday and the discount battle before, during and after Cyber ​​Monday and Cyberweek in all shops and point you to the best bargains from all important product types. Check out our overview page for Black Friday and Cyberweek 2020 regularly. Even better: bookmark it now.