The 5 best free horror games, and where to play them

Free does not mean that a game is not good – nor that no one is playing it. In fact, some free games have changed entire genres, like Slenderman – and this title isn't even on our list, although you can count it unofficially. Do you want to be scared? Then start right now and without buying.

Indie games

You don't have to throw money around to be scared: Pages like accommodate crowds of free horror gameswhich – developed by independent indie developers – can at times be creepier than AAA productions. I've picked out five pearls for you, but if that's not enough: there are also whole Collections of little shock adventuressuch as the Haunted PS1 CDs. Just by the way.

Doki Doki Literature Club!

Pretty anime girls don't seem like a horror nightmare right now, but Doki Doki Literature Club! is just not what it seems at first glance: As a new member of the Literature Club at your school, you get to know some nice girls, whom you can write loving poems to. Who will you choose? And why is this cute romance only suitable from the age of 18? Maybe you can find out? And don't forget, if you can't take it anymore, you can quit the game at any time.

Here you start playing immediately.

Concluse (& soon Concluse 2)

I adore Conclusesince playing it straight through two years ago in the darkness of my apartment. At the time, I didn't even know what Silent Hill-esque video games were – nor did I know of other works that look like PS1 titles but were actually developed these days. The conclusion is both: A first-person shocker inspired by Silent Hill 2 and yet unique enough to create a completely different, horrific mood: In search of your wife Caroline, you drive to the bizarre place Hell, who actually has to be hell on earth. Incidentally, the conclusion is so dark that you are almost forced to crawl into a dark cave with your PC.

The trailer shows wonderfully what to expect:

Here you start playing immediately.

If you liked Concluse, there is good news: Should be on Steam Concluse 2: The Drifting Prefecture appear in 2020, and the demo for the second part is also free.

Cry of Fear

The good old one Cry of Fear must of course not be missing here: Even if the story is not the most original, you will be frightened just as many times in this nightmare that has become a game as you cursed the point in time when you promised yourself to punch through this game. There are a lot of Let's Plays of Cry of Fear on YouTube, but why not play it yourself? In over eight hours of gameplay, you scour an obscure, Scandinavian city full of monsters that gradually accompany you into madness.

Here you start playing immediately.

SCP – Containment Breach

You know SCP – Containment Breach beautiful or? This game also has a few years under its belt, albeit a gigantic one Community behind the horror universe continue to work hard on it. The free shocker was developed based on the stories of the fans and sends you into a labyrinth-like laboratory that hoards and researches dangerous, paranormal creatures.

When your protagonist arrives there, of course, the power goes out – and everything you know from your nightmares is running around freely.

Here you start playing immediately.

the uncle who works for nintendo

If just words can be scary? Of course, but if you're still unsure, give it a try the uncle who works for nintendo from – a notorious interactive fiction story in which you were 11 years old and stayed with a friend whose uncle works at Nintendo. And he will come to visit you. At midnight.

You don't even have to install this game.

Here you start playing immediately.

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Jump scares are fairly easy to implement, but not all games have a truly horrific atmosphere these days – especially if you let your eyes wander over the AAA market. Maybe are more original and sometimes more extreme games from the indie sector rather something for you? You should try it out, because there is without question more choice than anywhere else.

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