from Tanja Adov
Shadowlands is the next expansion for World of Warcraft, which already shines with a lot of graphic updates for our game heroes. However, new adjustments in character creation only come for the classic races. The new allies will have to wait a little longer for their new skin, hair and eye colors. To bridge the long waiting time, a WoW fan makes a few suggestions as to how the new adjustments for the Allied Peoples could look like.

"It will be colorful and diverse!" This is how Blizzard introduces the new character creation adjustments in World of Warcraft. The classic races like humans, orcs and blood elves will be able to choose between many new hairstyles, skin and hair colors with the next expansion. This will make game heroes look more unique and individual than before. The Allied Peoples will, however, have to be patient a little longer, as they only recently came into play and their graphic appearance is still "fresh". For the impatient among you, however, there is already an optical delicacy in the form of a fan concept.

The artist silverleaf2520 presents his work on the network of the WoW community and shows how easy it is to graphically upgrade the Allied Peoples. Basically, only a few tricks are needed for empty elves, night-borns, light-forged draenei and high mountain restaurants to make them look a bit more edgy and versatile. In addition to new skin colors that appear much more realistic, we also get to see unusual eye colors. The highlight of the concept are the eye variations of the empty elves. The black pupils and the eyes of the Old God N'Zoth are particularly scary! But judge the artist's suggestions yourself.

The feedback for the small work of art is consistently positive for other Warcraft fans. No wonder, after all, the allies have races in World of Warcraft (buy now for € 14.99) many fans. What do you all mean? Do you like the concept? And what character customization would you want for your elven, draenei, or tauren hero?