The publisher writes about the announcement of Elex 2:

Probably the best kept secret of the German gaming industry is revealed today: Piranha Bytes is working on Elex 2. Surprise!

ELEX II is the successor to Elex, the open-world role-playing game by Piranha Bytes, the excellent developer studio for the Gothic and Risen series. ELEX II takes place again in the post-apocalyptic science fantasy world Magalan – with huge environments that can be explored freely thanks to Jetpack. With it you move through the epic story according to your wishes.

The planet Magalan has seen some peaceful years after the events in Elex and a lot has changed: New factions have taken the stage, old ones have perished. The attempts of the berserkers to green the planet again have borne fruit and after defeating the hybrids, the Albs are no longer dangerous. But our hero Jax knows of an even darker threat that casts its shadow on Magalan and so it is up to him to unite the peoples of Magalan and to face this darkness together.

In the game you can:

  • Explore the planet Magalan freely thanks to your jetpack and fly across the map!
  • interact with a living world full of unique NPCs who
    • Remember your actions and react accordingly
    • Join or leave your group based on your behavior
    • can be killed, which affects the story
  • Attack in close and long-range combat with greatly improved controls
  • experience a story in which your actions have consequences and the world is shaped by moral decisions.

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