The annual forecast, which is not always taken seriously

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a lot of superpowers: I think wrestling is unironically good, I've endured Lukas in my row of office seats for seven years, I survived my visit to Wolfgang Fischer's legendary honey room without having to go into therapy afterwards and for one Traffic accident with a toilet paper transporter I can even predict the future. I prove it to you with my (perhaps not always very serious) predictions for the (gaming) year 2021, which will definitely come true:

Cyberpunk 2077 is nearing completion in 2021 thanks to a multitude of patches.

Cyberpunk 2077 is nearing completion in 2021 thanks to a multitude of patches.

Source: PC games hardware

Cyberpunk 2077 gets a further 382 patches, which fix the technical problems one after the other. Some of the players will make fun of it, others will continue to shout that none of this is necessary, "because the game is running, you only need a good PC and CDPR are infallible because they made Witcher 3 . " Even after the updates, cyberpunk still won't be the game that was promised. Some of the readers of this column will be very upset about the statement just made. Part of the exciting part will write me a very clever email, which I will forward to the editorial mailing list to the amusement of my colleagues.

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Please do not! – 10 things we don't want to see in 2020 gaming year

In our special we present ten things that we do not want to see in the upcoming presentations and in general in the gaming year 2020.

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Crazy game ideas: These video games are far from normal

Video games are a dime a dozen. Some try to stand out with graphics, others with thick licenses. But there is another way …

In the year of the federal election, there will of course be discussions within the industry about funding for German gaming projects. The industry is disillusioned and will rage about politics, which always promise a lot and keep nothing. At the next German gaming award ceremony / gala, however, selfies will be snapped with political celebrities such as Dorothee "also da" Bär or Andi "Mautman" Scheuer. One is certain that the promises will now be kept. They won't. Another disaffected phase follows until the next selfie gala.

The Intellivision Amico will be a complete success! Dozens of family fathers buy a console because they remember the name from the past and the kids still love video games. However, the children cry because they wanted a Nintendo Switch, which they buy after an extremely tearful time. The Amico then collects dust in a corner with PSVR.

But now we come to the trade fairs:
The E3 is canceled again. On the one hand, because the Americans still do not have the pandemic under control in June and, on the other hand, because publishers are relying on their digital channels anyway and no longer want to spend their fortunes on a stand.
Gamescom 2021 will not take place either. A digital version of the trade fair is being advertised, but again only finds a very small audience.
The Tokyo Game Show will take place normally again, as the corona pandemic is better under control in Japan due to the lower density of solidarity objectors.

Now the games:

The Master Chief. It used to be relevant.

The Master Chief. It used to be relevant.

Source: 343 Industries

God of War will be postponed until next year.
Horizon: Forbidden West, on the other hand, appears in time for the Christmas business and is very good, but does not make anything new in terms of play.
Halo: Infinite appears and becomes pretty trivial.
Instead, a new Forza Motorsport will be shown in the summer, which will appear in the fall and is so great that one wonders again why new Gran Turismos always have such an eternal development time, only to be not as good as the Microsoft speedsters .

Ubisoft's Far Cry 6 is going to be a good game that does exactly nothing different from Far Cry 5. Only the animal world is no longer as aggressive.
Assassin's Creed: Valhalla was so well received that a spin-off / another Viking part is announced. Eivor becomes the new Ezio.
GTA 5 will also sell like sliced ​​bread on the new consoles.
Marvel's Avengers won't be of any interest to the new consoles either.

Resident Evil Village is going to be really good, commercially successful and anger the old school fans because it no longer plays like it did in 1996: "The series is dead !!!"

The Uncharted movie: Nobody needs it, but it still turns out to be nice.

The Uncharted movie: Nobody needs it, but it still turns out to be nice.

Source: Sony Pictures

The new Mortal Kombat movie is going to be entertaining, but also kind of a bit embarrassing, which captures the series pretty well.
The Uncharted movie will be better than expected, but not as good as the game template. Until then, the cinemas will also be open again.

The Last of Us: Part 2 gets a PS5 version. Many players enjoy this because the game, which is already pretty, looks even more beautiful. Some people get foamed at the announcement and write strange things on the Internet that are not transparent at all and respond to comments that nevertheless expose their habits with "YOU DON'T MISS THE SHiTsToRm !!!" Will a vaccination also help?

There will be no new game scenes for The Elder Scrolls 6, but Skyrim is now being implemented for calculators and smart watches. The loading times are shorter on the platforms than on the PS3.

Several indie games will appear that want to deal with the "dark times" of the corona pandemic "in an artistic way" and with "immersive narration". The games are more boring than going to church and about as well written as a GZSZ script, but it's enough for a few 10/10 ratings, after all, "video games have grown up" if you can believe 18-year-old volunteer hipsters who grew up with retro titles like Fortnite.

You won't hear or see anything about Beyond Good & Evil 2. If you say the title three times in front of a mirror, Michel Ancel appears and gently breathes the word "vaporware" into your ear.

Whether nagging gamers, the corrosive pandemic, games that don't live up to expectations, or cynical columns – we won't let video games spoil our fun. I'm particularly sure of this prediction.

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