The arena system is bland, time for improvement!

For a long time, the current arena gameplay is a thorn in the side of the passionate players of Pokémon Go. In the best case, the coaches want a real arena system with ladders, which also brings a little more to the squatters of a gym, than just the 50 poké coins a day, depending on the length of time the pocket monsters. However, such a system is not so quick or easy to set up – the developers of Niantic at least make no move in this regard. But in other, easier to implement way, the arena system could be improved Authors of Pokémon Go Hub, and make a journey into the past, before looking to the future.

The Arena system was a different one from the summer of 2007 than we currently find in Pokémon Go. Especially the hardcore players invested a lot of time to hold and defend the arenas. Sure, that was not very difficult once you put the defensive kings in the Pokémon. Before the arena rework, there was no limit to having only one version of a Pokémon in the arena, which often led to a "colorful" mix of Relaxo and Heiteira. The maximum was ten Pokémon, not just six today. So if you got into a fight, you had a good time – and you often lost out to the hardcore players and spoilers.

Nowadays, the Arena system is more accessible, even to new players. No matter which Pokémon squat in the arenas, it takes a maximum of three fought and victorious battles until you can place your own pocket monster. For the maximum of playable Pokémünzen (50 pieces) the buddy then "only" about eight hours squat in the arena. If you feed Pokémon of the same team in the arena, you will get a small amount of stardust and, in addition, you will be lucky enough to get sweets. And who turns the seventh day in a row on a photo disc and at an arena, for which he has a golden badge, can then also bag up to 35 items. However, as it turns and turns, both systems have their advantages and disadvantages, but the current mainly misses game depth and challenges.

Pokémon GO: Trailer for Team Go Rocket

That's why there are ideas away from a sophisticated Arenaleiter system that brings a little fresh wind in the currently not very exciting Arena system. For example, the creators of Pokémon Go Hub suggest raising the number of slots in an arena from six to ten to give more players the chance to get hold of the daily poké coins. The abolition of the mechanics that Pokémon will lose over time in the Arena CP is also part of the mental games to make the Arena Fights more challenging again. Should there be an increase in the number of pocket monsters in an arena, however, the maximum number of required bouts should be reduced to three to two; that would be a total of "only" two more fights for the Arena Clear, namely 20 instead of the current 18.

Also, the amount of daily earning Pokémünzen should be rotated; The amount will increase from 50 to 75, allowing you to earn one of the bigger boxes in Pokémon Go's shop in "just" a week. And what would actually argue against implementing a campaign around the Arenakämpfe to put these hotspots more in the light. At least that's how the arena ladders were introduced as NPC challenges. For example, for an arena with bronze rank Misty or Rocko, in a silver arena you would play against Major Bob, Erika, Sabrina or Koga, in a gold arena again against Giovanni or Pyro. That would definitely make more sense of the arena patch mechanics currently in play.

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