The Batman: who is Robert Pattinson?

A sparkling vampire as a future Batman – that's not possible! So the reaction of many fans when it became known in 2019 was that none other than Twilight star Robert Pattinson should slip into the role of the masked hero. After the sobering numbers of films like Batman v. Superman and Justice League wanted to give the DC cinema universe a new direction. And a younger Batman. The fact that Pattinson was chosen for this is only surprising at first glance. Because even though he became famous with Twilight, he has already proven how diverse it can be.

Pattinson's beginnings and twilight
Born in 1986, Robert Pattinson discovered his love for music and film early on. He learned piano and guitar at the age of four, when he was a teenager he was impressed by actors like Jack Nicholson and Jean-Paul Belmondo. At 13, he became a member of a theater company to overcome his shyness. After several plays, agents became aware of him who took him to the film. In 2005 he was given the role of Cedric

Robert Pattinson.

Oh how beautiful! First of all, Robert Pattinson became known primarily for his looks.

Source: Concorde

Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and Hollywood listened.

When Pattinson opted for the role of Edward Cullen in after Harry Potter's success Twilight – Bite at dawn advertised, but initially feared that he might not be as perfect as the character asked him to be. The concerns turned out to be wrong. Twilight was a huge success and Pattinson and his co-star Kristen Stewart became a star overnight. At its peak, the fan hysteria about the Twilight films was so great that both stars actually had no free minute left. A condition that Pattinson didn't like.

Like any young actor who became a superstar overnight thanks to a blockbuster, it dawned on him that early success could strain his career. As you can see from actors like Mark Hamill and Elijah Wood, starting a career in a genre film can quickly become a one-way street.

Career springboard indie film

Pattison therefore did what many colleagues did before him. Instead of being committed to the next blockbuster after the end of the film series, he was looking for roles that should show his talent as an actor. Among other things, it turned into two films directed by David Cronenbergwho convinced the critics that Pattinson could do more than just look and shine. In Cosmopolis (2012) was seen as an ice-cold billionaire whose life is getting out of control Maps to the Stars (2014) an unsuccessful actor and driver who would like to be a screenwriter. In these and other films, reviewers praised Pattinson's multi-faceted and committed acting, which earned him the "Independent Spirit Award" for best actor in the thriller Good Time in 2017.

In contrast, Pattinson's films mostly flew under the radar of the audience. That changed at the latest with the film released in 2019 The lighthouse. In the surreal mystery / horror thriller, Robert Pattinson plays alongside Willem Dafoe a lighthouse keeper who is slowly going mad. The film is considered one of the best of the past year.

Lighthouse and the dark avenger
The lighthouse was, in a sense, a gathering of Robert Pattinson's career so far: the film was equally serious independent drama and creepy genre cinema. Still, his role in The Batman (AMAZONAUTOLINK) was far from certain when you look at the production history

Robert Pattinson.

With films like Cosmopolis, Robert Pattinson showed what he can do as an actor.

Source: Falcom Media

followed the film. Originally, Ben Affleck was supposed to have his Batman v. Superman and Justice League further expand the well-known older and more experienced Batman.

After it was clear after various delays and restructuring that Affleck was no longer available as Batman, the film about the old and experienced Batman became a flick about the early days of the superhero. For the leading role, director Matt Reeves had a few actors to choose from, Pattinson's biggest competitor was Nicholas Hoult. But since this had already appeared as a beast in some Marvel films and Reeves had very specific ideas for his Batman, Pattinson ultimately won the race.

Fans ruled frightened and immediately started a petition hoping to change the casting. Others vented their displeasure on the Internet, but neither was as bad as Pattinson had feared. He even told Vanity Fair magazine that if you were the underdog, it would be a lot more fun to work. He also works on his own character concept, which should differentiate his Batman from its predecessors: dark, a little crazy and with less muscle than the Batman by Ben Affleck.

After a first teaser showing Pattinson in a Batman costume wrapped in red light and initial information about the film, fans seem to find the idea that a former Twilight star plays one of the most famous superheroes in the world more interesting. How Pattinson's Batman appears in the end of the film is of course also directed by Matt Reeves. Robert Pattinson definitely has what it takes to impress audiences and critics – despite the sparkle vampire past.

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