The best classes in Ny'alotha (Video)

Preach Gaming has already done some Ny'alotha raid tests on WoW's patch 8.3 PTR. After talking with some top guilds, he has now hit a list of the best healers, tanks and DDs in Ny'alotha. As he says in the video below, the following rankings are designed for the Top 1% of Mythic Raiders. If you are in heroic mode, you should not be scared of having a class / spec to do a great job or not being taken along by your raid. In addition, raid tests on the PTR last only an hour and Blizzard can screw around until the release of the new raid Ny'alotha still at the classes.

The best classes in Ny'alotha (according to Preach Gaming)

The best healers in Ny'alotha

1st Discipline Priest, Holy Paladin
2. Restoration shaman
3. Restoration Druid, Holy Priest
4. Mistweaver monk

Discipline priests and Holy Paladins will have to take some Nerfs in patch 8.3, but still remain the two best healers in Ny'alotha according to Preach. The Paladin will still produce a great deal of healing in spite of the Glimmer Nerfs and will do just as much damage as the Diszi.

A well played one Restoration Shaman Thanks to the buffs with patch 8.3, it can compete with the two top healers and even do more damage with the right Azerit traits. In Ny'alotha there are some bosses where the raid must be in one spot, which puts the shaman and his healing rain into the cards. The utility abilities such as Windstorm Totem and Earthquake Totem will also be used wisely, as, for example, in the fight against Furorion, a lot of movement is required and players are mind-controlled in some battles.

Restoration druids and Holy priest are still good healers, but they simply do not bring along the damage done by Paladin and "Diszi" after the damage of the restorer has just been significantly lessened. Your utility abilities also can not match Power Word: Barrier or the Aura of the Paladin.

Of the Fog Weaver Monk despite some small buffs, it still cuts the worst. According to Preach, many players in his and other guilds have tried to bring the Mistweaver into the raid, but had to defeat the other healers.

Class Adjustments in Patch 8.3 (Patch Notes)

The best tanks in Ny'alotha

Blood Death Knights seem to be the winners of this animal, as Brewmasters seem to show their first weaknesses.

1. Blood Death Knight
2. Brewmaster Monk, Guard Paladin
3. Vengeance Demon Hunter
4. Guardian Druid Guardian Warrior (not mentioned)

In Ny'alotha you are dealing with a lot of magical damage. Blood Death Knight come with it very well, they also have the ability to handle the sometimes countless Adds by Blutschattens handle. That makes him the best tank in the new Raid. brewmaster are also very good tanks due to their squadron mechanics and are likely to be in the duel with the Blood Death Knight on most hardcore Mythic Raiders. For the 8th Boss Vexiona you need three tanks, but here you are best placed with three Blood Death Knights. Protection Paladins They are also good at collecting Adds and bring Utility for the Raid, which puts them on about the same level as the Brewmaster.

Vengeance-demon hunter cut deals in the Magic Damage and Adds categories are also pretty good, but still wait for the one little buff that brings them to the same level as Brewmaster and Blood Death Knight. Despite long research to the tanks, Preach has become Protection Warrior and Guardian Druids not voiced in the video. Since these two are the worst with magical damage, but you can expect them more likely in the last places. Again, the announcement: This is mostly only for ambitious Mythic Raider.

The best melee in Ny'alotha

In many boss battles you have to quickly conquer heaps of tentacles, eyes and other add-ons, for which melee combatants are predestined. Otherwise, the bosses in Ny'alotha are geared more towards melee.

1. Frost Death Knight, Unholy Death Knight, Fury Warrior, Havoc Demon Hunter
2. Lawlessness Rogue, Windrunner Monk
3. Retribution Paladin, Amplifier Shaman
4. Rest (not mentioned)

Frost / Unholy Death Knight. Fury warrior and devastationDemon Hunter specialize in quickly doing a lot of area damage in a short amount of time, which is required by many bosses in Ny'alotha. Above all, the furor warriors should scale well with his equipment at the end of the expansion again. He also brings along the battle cry for the other melee fighters. Of the Lawlessness Rogue also performs very well, but is not quite as dominant as the other three classes. Windrunner monks may well do well, but Preach has not been able to collect enough data on the wind runner as most players have focused on the other DDs. Even if he does not reach the top 4, he always brings with Mystical Touch still a useful buff for the group.

Retribution Paladin and Amplifier Schamane also bring some utility in the raid and do not cut off badly. Preach did not comment on the Wild Druid and Survival Hunter.

The best ranged fighters in Ny'alotha

In the many Add fights enjoy the ranged fighters, all of which cut more or less equal. However, the clear loser seems to be the hunter, at least if you're a hardcore mythic raider.

1. Fire Mage, Destruction Warlock, Balance Druid
2. Affliction Warlock, Shadow Priest, Elemental Shaman
3. Demonology Warlock
4. Rest / not mentioned
5. Hunter

Balance druids and Shadow Priest will still be able to breathe deeply after their Nerfs, because even the later bosses in Ny'alotha offer many opportunities for the Dotten, even if the DoTs are mostly wasted, since Adds recover slowly like in the fight against N'Zoth.

Fire Mage and Destruction-wizard were the clear winners in the tests in Ny'alotha, the infirmary Spec and the Elemental Shaman In some scenarios with many small add-ons or special burst windows are basically on the same level. Fire Mages and Balance Druids have the advantage of performing a little better on single target damage. Of the Demonologist is also useful in AoE situations to get at the damage levels of the other classes, but he still lacks a decent buff. Frost and Arcane Mages are also playable, but why resort to one of the two specs when you can dominate with fire almost all fights ?!

According to Preach, he cuts Hunter Worst of all. Even his raid leader can not really justify his raiding place in his role as animal ruler. As mentioned, this only applies to hardcore mythic raiders. If you are in heroic mode or are working longer on the mythical bosses, you will always find a place in the raid as Hunter.

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