We do not have it easy, because games for the Nintendo Switch are above all one thing: price stable. But do not hesitate – after Black Friday is before Cyber ​​Monday and we have summarized the best deals for you. You can not go wrong with these.

While both PS4 and Xbox One games are experiencing rapid price drops, Nintendo Switch fans are often less fortunate. Only occasionally there are offers that are really worthwhile. Since the likelihood is greatest, especially for Black Friday Week and Cyber ​​Weekend, we have set ourselves the task of taking your research and collecting the best offers.

Who already knows this article? Do not worry. We found and added a lot again. Have fun with the best games offers for the Nintendo Switch.

Note: This article will updated several times a day, Bookmark your browser with the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl) + (D) and comes by every dayDo not miss bargains on Cyber ​​Weekend! (Last updated on December 1)

Cyber ​​Weekend: Nintendo Switch games at MyToys really cheap

Okay, now it's time again. Currently you can get help from MyToys using the 10% paydirect discounts and more 10% discount through the new customer bonus (minimum order value 59 Euro), Thus, you can grab many games under 40 €. More cheap games through other providers can be found below. Especially in the event that some games on MyToys will soon be unavailable.

To get the games for the respective prizes, you have to First time orderer with a minimum order value of 59 euros and the Payment via Paydir choose. Do not worry, there are no additional costs for you. The 10% pay direct discount will be deducted automatically in the last order step. Possibly. just create a new account.

If you want to be an existing customer and do not want to make a new account, at least there is 5 Euro newsletter bonus, For this you have to sign up for the newsletter. The shipping costs of 2.95 euros By the way, you can save by talking about the Mirapodo App ordered.

Important: The following prices refer to the price incl. Paydirekt and the newsletter subscription, but incl. Shipping costs. We recommend you: Buy two games and get the extra Erstbesteller Discount of 10 percent from a minimum order of 59 euros!

Pokémon Let's Go Evoli

You were just waiting for Pokémon Let's Go Evolis to become cheaper for the Switch? Then your time has come, because on eBay, the game is currently being sold for what the historic best price loud idealo is. Called: Pokémon Let's Got Evoli has never been so cheap for the Switch.

New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe

Not the most blatant deal – but everyone who does it Not on the Wii U had, should strike here. For current 46.99 euros Get the cool Jump n Run game.

Super Mario Party

who Mario party played on the N64 knows how fun such a game can be. The part for the Nintendo Switch is no exception. Currently you get the party fun for 44 euros instead 59.99 euros ,

Layton's Mystery Journey

Friends of puzzle games heard: This game will give you a lot of fun. Layton's Mystery Journey is for only 30,99 euros instead of 34.95 euros to get.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2

In addition to Zelda: Breath of the Wild one of the best games for the Nintendo Switch. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is a role-playing classic, as it is in the book. The game is currently for 43.56 euros and worth every penny.

Dragon Quest XI

At least Dragon Quest is one of my favorite RPG ranks. With 5 out of 5 stars in Amazon customer reviews, I do not seem to be alone. The game costs currently 42.99 euros ,

Pokémon Sword & Shield for only 45,99 Euro

We have not seen many good prices for Pokémon Sword & Shield yet. Long-time favorite is still the LIDL. Explore the Galar region in the new Pokémon section on the Nintendo Switch. Whether the days will be even cheaper, you will first learn here.

Currently there are both editions in a double pack for 91.98 euros. Effectively you pay 45.99 euros per title. It's best to share the deal with a friend or friend. With the Coupon Code "DEAL" You also get the minimum order value of 50 € Gifted postage,

By the way, there are the editions for the same price, By buying a single game you can not use the free postage. Other games are priced at LIDL unfortunately not so recommended.

Mario & Rabbids: Kingdom Battle

What happens if the Mario Universe takes and adds some rabbids? Exactly: Mario & Rabbids: Kingdom Battle! Currently there are these incredibly funny adventures Otto for unbeatable 24.99 euros, This makes the game even cheaper than on Black Friday.

Let's Sing 2020 with German hits

Why we put this game so high on the list? Well! Whoever remembers the good old Sing-Star times, knows why! With this game, your New Year's Eve party will be the hit. Currently you can Let's sing 2020 For 34.95 euros 22,99 euros tap. On .

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Turn-based strategy battles feature the latest installment in the Fire Emblem series. While you can buy three houses officially for 59.99 euros, it can be found for only 39.99 euros,

Nintendo Switch games at Otto reduced

Why do I mention the games extra? The reason is the following: Otto attracts with an attractive New customer bonus of 15 euros, Give as a new customer until the 31st of December at your first order the code 82105 and benefits from a further discount that is even valid on discounted items. Condition is that the Minimum purchase price 50 euros is. Means, you should order at least two games to make use of the discount. In addition, you get with Otto with the Code 84564 until the 23rd of December the Gifted postage,

Pokémon Let's Go: Pikachu

Unfortunately sold out. (As of 30th November)

Discover the world of little pocket monsters and connect your gameplay with Pokémon GO on your phone. Pokémon Let's Go: Pikachu brings you back to the world of Kanto and is a must for every Pokémon fan. Is there currently on Otto for only 59.99 euros 34.99 euros,

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

Published 26 years ago, The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening is a title we would like to recommend to any adventure fan. Costs Otto up to date 59.99 euros 49.99 euros, Price is, however, including 44 euros, But: If you decide on Otto for another game, you can make use of the new customer bonus. Decide for yourself, which fits better for you!

Luigi's Mansion 3

Fun for the whole family: Besides, Luigi's Mansion 3 is at the top of my personal bucket list. On Otto you will receive the funny-scary adventure For 59.99 euros 46.99 euros,

The World Ends With You -Final Remix

Race against time? Check. Avert catastrophe? Check. The action RPG The World Ends With You offers rhythmic fighting for a fresh feel. Currently on Otto For 59.99 euros 29.99 euros to get.

Overwatch: Legendary Edition

Although Overwatch's graphics have been scaled down a bit due to the lower power of the switch, this game remains one of the funniest shooters available. Currently you get the version for the portable console at Otto for only 39, 99 euros 21,99 euros at Otto.

The special thing about the Legendary Version? You receive three months Nintendo Switch Online included, Otherwise costs 7,99 euros,

And otherwise? Other reduced games:

Nintendo Labo: Toy-Con 01 Multi-Set

Not a real game, but super cool: At Nintendo Labo the company of the same name has again entered the innovation box. The set is currently available Otto For 54.99 euros 29.99 euros and for the price you can really try it.

Black Friday: Best Deals in the eShop

Even Nintendo is not sloppy and shoots out for Black Friday Week and Cyber ​​weekend neat games out. The following games are cheap available:

Our favorite deal? Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate for half price for 24.99 euros,

Black Friday: Micro SD cards drastically reduced

Those who diligently download games in the eShop, will quickly reach the limits of the storage capacity of the Nintendo Switch. Currently you get one 200 GB SanDisk Ultra Micro SD card in the Offer at MediaMarkt Red Friday for only 22 euro,

Ironically, the 128 GB version of the card currently costs even more. In this case is probably less. Or so. Happy shopping all together!

The best Bargains to Black Friday & Cyberweek in the overview: