The time has come: the biggest shopping event of the year is in the starting blocks. The Black Friday 2019 and Cyber ​​Monday promise high discounts and massive deals at many retailers. But also in the week before can be made fantastic bargains. At GIGA you can always find the 50 best deals and bargains of the "Cyber ​​Monday Week". This Sunday, among other things, with fantastic PlayStation 4 offers, a cheap Amazon tablet and Google Home Assistant chargers.

Top 5 Black Friday Week Deals

These are the deals you should not miss. All other deals from the individual categories can be found below.

  1. Amazon tablet reduced:
    (with special offers)
  2. PS4 Pro at a blast:
    (► more top offers for PS4 under "Consoles")
  3. Google's Smart Home:
    Google Home Mini 2-pack for 29.95 euros instead of 58.90 euros (Comparative price)
  4. 18 GB LTE tariff in the telecom network:
    "Green LTE" tariff on Mobilcom Debitel with 18 GB LTE data volume (50 Mbps) for 19.99 euros / month (39,99 Euro connection fee), Telecom network, Allnet & SMS-Flat (details in the article)
  5. Test Amazon's premium music service for a low price:
    – 50+ million songs, offer limited time, otherwise 9.99 euros / month or 7.99 euros / month for Prime customers

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Deal action pages at the shops


Smartphone Accessories

Tablets & eBook readers

  • Amazon tablet reduced:
    (with special offers)
  • eBook reader with a very good price-performance ratio:
    (with special offers)

Smart Watches

  • Apple Watch Series 4 reduces:
    in black or sandy pink

Mobile tariffs with smartphone

Mobile tariffs SIM-only

PC + notebook

  • Powerful work notebook:
    (Price comparison: 499 euros)

PC Accessories


Consoles + accessories

  • PS4 Pro at a blast:
  • Great bundle for "Come-kick-buddies!" – Console buyers:
  • Just as a blockbuster bundle, here in the PS4 Pro version (better for 4K TVs):
  • Switch Lite Pokémon Limited Edition:
  • Year subscription for PS4 gamers reduced:
    , PS4 download code for German or Austrian accounts


  • Crazy strategy game in X-Com style with all add-ons + DLCs: rating: 88%
  • 3 months of gigantic games for Xbox One and PC, almost donated:
    – Play 100+ games during the subscription period, including The Outer Worlds, Gears 5, Forza: Horizon 4 – for Xbox One and many also for PC! Plus: Discounts on games, Xbox Live included and more. Included games & details in the article.
  • Highly decorated indie action RPG currently free for iPad and iPhone:
    bastion For iOS in the AppStore free (Activation of the complete game via currently free in-app purchase)


TV sets + accessories


  • Cheap music service from Amazon:
    – 50+ million songs, offer limited time, otherwise 9.99 euros / month or 7.99 euros / month for Prime customers
  • Sky Q offer for Cyber ​​Week:
    Sky Q Entertainment Plus including Netflix (HD) and UHD Receivers For 18.99 euros / month + one-time 12.90 Euro logistics flat rate, 12 months minimum contract term, then 32.99 Euro / month, Netflix customers can integrate their existing subscription into the offer, activation fee is waived

Smart Home


GIGA Deals: What matters to us

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