Just before Christmas, the biggest online shopping event of the year starts online: The Black Friday 2019 and Cyber ​​Monday promise high discounts and massive offers at many retailers. Here you will find the top deals and bargains of the "Cyber ​​Monday Week", before the hit days begin.

Top 5 Black Friday Week Deals

These are the deals you should not miss. All other deals from the individual categories can be found below.

  1. Amazon tablet reduced:
    (with special offers)
  2. Current Echo Dot greatly reduced:
    () also at Saturn or Media Markt for 21.99 euros (at market pickup)
  3. Google's Smart Home:
    Google Home Mini 2-pack for 29.95 euros instead of 58.90 euros (Comparative price)
  4. 18 GB LTE tariff in the telecom network:
    "Green LTE" tariff on Mobilcom Debitel with 18 GB LTE data volume (50 Mbps) for 19.99 euros / month (39,99 Euro connection fee), Telekom network, Allnet Flat / SMS-Flat (details in the article)
  5. Test Amazon's premium music service for a low price:
    – 50+ million songs, offer limited time, otherwise 9.99 euros / month or 7.99 euros / month for Prime customers

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Deal action pages at the shops


Smartphone Accessories


  • Amazon tablet reduced:
    (with special offers)
  • eBook reader with a very good price-performance ratio:
    (with special offers)

Smart Watches

  • Smartwatch + Fitness tracker in bundle:
    (Comparative price), below the price above "Promotion" on the button "Both in the shopping cart" to press, Discount will go to "Checkout" withdrawn

Mobile tariffs with smartphone

Mobile tariffs SIM-only

PC + notebook

  • Very good laptop, currently at a low price:
    Further discount possible: With payment method PayDirekt and Coupon Code NBBPAYDIREKT20 (20 euros deduction, no shipping costs) even for 529 euros
  • Powerful work notebook:
    (Price comparison: 499 euros)

PC Accessories


  • External SSD, almost as fast as internally:
    – GIGA rating: 92%
  • Also the and
  • Cheap microSD cards from Samsung:
    instead of about 110 euros (Price comparison not available), more memory sizes available

TV sets

Consoles + accessories

  • Switch Lite Pokémon Limited Edition:
  • Year subscription for PS4 gamers reduced:
    , PS4 download code for German or Austrian accounts


Smart Home




  • Cheap music service from Amazon:
    – 50+ million songs, offer limited time, otherwise 9.99 euros / month or 7.99 euros / month for Prime customers
  • Sky Q offer for Cyber ​​Week:
    Sky Q Entertainment Plus including Netflix (HD) and UHD Receivers For 18.99 euros / month + one-time 12.90 Euro logistics flat rate, 12 months minimum contract term, then 32.99 Euro / month, Netflix customers can integrate their existing subscription into the offer, activation fee is waived

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