Singles Day is over, the bargains continue. In the GIGA TOP DEALS we continue to bring the best mega bargains of the day! Also included: The Samsung Galaxy S10 and the Nintendo Switch (2019) with improved battery life for the best price. In addition, gaming monitors, good tariff deals and numerous other products from the fields of technology and games at super prices. Have fun snatching!

Top 3 highlight deals

These are the deals you should not miss. All other deals from the individual categories can be found below.

  1. Samsung's flagship as cheap as it has ever been:
    , ,, and available. (More info in the article) Market pickup via Click & Collect or free shipping
  2. black and) instead 285 euros at Saturn / MediaMarkt @ ebay
    Note: More deals for other variations below under "Smartwatches"
  3. 6 GB rate at super price, SIM only:
    Allnet-Flat with 6 GB LTE data in the o2 network, max 50 MBit / s, 9,99 Euro connection fee and cancellable monthly OR 24 months minimum contract term without connection fee for 11,99 Euro / month
  4. 40 euros with the Amazon credit card:

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Smart Watches

  • black and) instead 285 euros at Saturn / MediaMarkt @ ebay
  • (also in or ) at Saturn / MediaMarkt @ ebay
  • (also in or ) at Saturn / MediaMarkt @ ebay
  • (also in or ) at Saturn / MediaMarkt @ ebay


Mobile tariffs with smartphone

Mobile tariffs SIM-only

Smartphone Accessories

  • Wireless chargers in a double pack:
    Attention: Activate 30% discount coupon on the product page on Amazon! Discount will be deducted at checkout


  • Cheap and good wireless in-ear buds
    (Amazon flash offer – quick access)
  • Bluetooth soundbox with neat WUMMS:

PC + notebook

PC Accessories


  • 4-bay NAS with great software and enough power even for 4K transcoding:
    (Price comparison: from 524.95 euros)

TV sets


  • Functional set-top box in new version and form:
    or + 4.99 Euro shipping or pickup ("Click & Collect") instead 159 euros

Consoles + accessories

  • Switch, new version with more battery life:
  • Switch Lite in different colors:
  • Protection for your switch:




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