Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday 2019 are over. Reason for hangover mood? Nope, we continue. On this page we continue to collect bargains that are really worthwhile. Furthermore: We update the offers regularly! Set a bookmark and come regularly for the GIGA TOP DEALS.

Even after Black Friday, the "Black Weekend" and Cyber ​​Monday, there are still some opportunities for the perfect deal. We have made an editorial preselection for you and divided the offers into different categories. The 5 top deals you will find directly afterwards. All other bargains follow afterwards. So you can get the right deal faster, you can Category-Anchor links use.

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Top 5 Deals after Cyber ​​Monday 2019

Here is our own selection of the best deals. All further bargains from the individual categories can be found below.

  1. : 15% more credit when buying a coupon card from 30 euros on Amazon
  2. Xbox One X 1TB + 1 controller + 1 game: different bundles, for example with Gears 5, Metro Exodus or Forza Horizon 4 in the Microsoft Store for 333 euros
  3. Credit card With 50 Euro starting balance *: Free Mastercard at Consors Finance (details in the article) – works with Apple Pay and Google Pay
  4. MediaMarkt 3-for-2 action: Buy 3 games, get the best one – applies to many PC, PS4 and Xbox One titles
  5. iPad 10.2 (2019) 32 GB Cellular + Apple Pencil 1st Gen + m-d Telekom Green Data XL 15 GB, pure data plan with max. 150 MBit / s LTE in the Telekom net, with MediaMarkt for 19.99 euros / month + one-off 138.99 Euro → total 618.75 Euro over 24 months

By the way: This article will updated several times a day! Put a bookmark (Ctrl + D) in the browser and come by every dayDo not miss a bargain!

Deal action pages of the shops

Although Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday 2019 are history, in some shops there are some really good deals for Stöberer. There you will find a huge selection of more or less well-stocked products that are still on offer.

Smartphones – iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and more

Here are the best smartphone deals to iPhones, Samsung Galaxy phones and other models without contract, Matching rates can be found below.

  • in the o2 shop for 301.99 Euro instead 359.99 euros
    Note: Click on "Buy It Now"
  • Samsung Galaxy A20e in the Vodafone shop for 115.99 euros instead of 149.79 euros
    Note: On the Vodafone page, select "Order a smartphone without tariff"
  • Samsung Galaxy A80 at Saturn for 326.99 euros instead of 399 euros
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 128GB + Galaxy Buds at Mobilcom-Debitel for 649 euros instead of 709 euros
    Free shipping on pickup in the shop
  • in red on eBay for 260.09 euros instead of 299.90 euros
    Use coupon code PERFEKT
  • on ebay for 143,10 euros instead of 179.90 euros
  • Use coupon code PERFEKT
  • Huawei P30 Lite (128GB) + FreeBuds Lite in the Mobilcom Debitel shop for 259 euros instead of 309.03 euros
    Free shipping on pickup in the shop

Smartphone Accessories

  • : Qi wireless charging station, max 10 W, without power supply, Stiftung Warentest 07/2019 test winner, at Amazon for 17.07 euros instead of 29.99 euros
    Important: Activate discount coupon on the Amazon product page, final price at checkout
  • for iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods on Amazon for 27.99 euros instead of 29.99 euros
    Important: Amazon product page Activate discount coupon, final price at checkout

Smartwatches & Fitness tracker

  • (Cellular, 44mm, Stainless Steel Case) on eBay for 599 euros instead of 686 euros

Tablets & eBook readers

In addition to "classic" tablets such as the iPad or a Galaxy Tab, you will also find eBook readers or "hybrid tablets" like the Surface with Windows.

Mobile tariffs with smartphone

Even after Cyber ​​Monday, there are many mobile phone tariffs with smartphones and other additions (eg consoles) in the bundle, where you can even make profits. For the sake of clarity, we summarize under "once" the device payment, connection fee and shipping costs.

Mobile tariffs SIM-only

If you are looking for the cheapest possible contract or extra data volume, then you are in the right place. Of particular note are the Media Markt and Saturn fares, which contain credit balances for the respective store chain. Anyone planning to spend money anyway can make great bargains on tariffs with a lot of data volume – these SIMs are ideal for LTE tablets, 4G routers or cars.

  • Only today: For 7,77 Euro / month
    Max. 50 MBit / s, 10 Euro bonus for number portability, cancellable monthly, without connection fee
  • For 7.99 euros / month or 6 GB for 11.99 euros / month
    19.99 Euro connection fee, 50 Euro bonus for number portability, details in the article
  • Allnet-Flat with 10 GB data in the telecom network For 20 euros / month
    10 Euro connection fee (24 months minimum contract term) or 30 Euro connection fee (monthly cancellable), max 50 MBit / s, 25 Euro with number portability, 3 months Tidal free
  • Allnet-Flat with 18 GB data in the telecom network: 19.99 euros / month + once 19.99 euros
    Telecom network, max. 50 MBit, 15 Euro bonus with Rufnummernmitahme
  • Allnet-Flat with 60 GB LTE data in the o2 network For 29.99 euros / month
    19.99 Euro connection fee and cancellable monthly OR 24 months minimum contract period without connection fee (details in the article)
  • The best mobile tariffs in the overview

Smart Home

Now is the perfect opportunity to make your home a smart home. Language assistants from Google and Amazon are greatly reduced. The smart lighting system Philips Hue is currently also cheap.


No matter if gaming laptop, portable convertible or office computer – here we have the best laptop deals listed.

  • : Full HD display, AMD Ryzen 5 3500U, 8 GB DDR4 RAM, 256 GB SSD, DVD burner at for 386.99 euros instead of 515.50 euros

PC Accessories

Graphics cards, gaming mice, input devices, VR glasses or controllers. There is everything that could be of interest to PC fans.

  • Logitech M220 Silent Mouse: at MediaMarkt for 9 euros instead of 13,89 euros
  • Graphics card, also suitable for mini-cases on ebay for 154.94 euros instead of 164.90 Euo


You need more memory for your Nintendo Switch or a fast internal or external SSD? Then check out these offers.

Consoles + accessories



In the audio section this year, there are deals especially for headphones or Bluetooth speakers.

  • : 2.1-channel 80 W compact soundbar at Amazon for 77 euros instead of 141.17 euros
    At Saturn with pickup at the same price, otherwise +4.99 Euro shipping
  • : BT Over-Ears on Amazon for 229 euros instead of 234.99 euros – GIGA rating: 91%
    In all colors too at Saturn for 229 euros +1,99 shipping or pickup
  • Bose SoundLink Revolve: BT speakers at Cyberport for 129 euros instead of 165 euros – GIGA rating: 81%
  • BT box for 32.99 euros instead of 39.99 euros
    Important: Activate the discount coupon on the Amazon side, 8 Euro discount will be deducted at checkout

TV sets + accessories

If you are looking for a big TV with 4K resolution, you now have some good models to choose from. Here you will also find a separate overview of the best 📺 TVs on Cyber ​​Monday.

  • Sony KD-55XG8505: 55 inches 4K LED TV, IPS, Edge-Lit, 120 Hz at MediaMarkt for 699 euros instead of 888.79 euros


  • : 15% more credit when buying a coupon card from 30 euros on Amazon



Cyber ​​Monday Week: Amazon Actions

Even in the days after Black Friday, there are still massive discounts on Amazon on "Cyber ​​Monday weekend". But even without flash offers you can currently save. Other deals in the Amazon universe, we have summarized for you in the following articles:

  • : Constantly new offers from numerous categories
  • : 6 months with 6 audiobooks for half price – on Amazon for 29,70 euros instead of 59.40 euros
  • (at first charge)

  • Up to 20% on selected AmazonBasics products
  • Music streaming for 0.99 euros
  • : at Amazon 2-3% discount, everywhere else 0.5% discount and 60 euros starting balance (Non-prime customers: 50 euros)
    For Amazon Prime customers for free, information and tips in the GIGA article on the Amazon credit card)

GIGA Deals: What matters to us

For us as GIGA editors, the following is important:

  • The product has to be good. We do not want to recommend you a nonsense. All of these products have been approved by the GIGA editors or other trusted authorities.
  • The shop / provider must be serious. We do not pass you on to dubious traders whom you can not trust.
  • The savings must be good. Usually at least 10% below the current best price in other stores, otherwise it is not a deal. Our comparison prices are based on the next best prices from established price comparison portals.
  • The list must be up to date. We add new offers several times a day and remove expired deals.

Note: The mentioned deals are remunerated via so-called affiliate links. If you click on the link and you should buy the corresponding product, GIGA receives a commission. You support our work. The product is neither more expensive, nor does it have another disadvantage.

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