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The developer studio id Software seems to be very convinced of its new first person shooter Doom Eternal. The programmer Billy Khan even claims that it is the best game in the company's history so far and lets his euphoria run wild.

The recently released gameplay trailer for the first person shooter Doom Eternal is sure to have increased the anticipation for the upcoming release with some fans. In addition, the programmer Billy Khan from the development studio id Software wants to fuel the euphoria again. In a current tweet he was at least very convinced of the action game and showered it with hymns of praise.

"Doom Eternal is the best game we have ever made. It's brilliant. I can't wait until everyone can finally play it. It runs smoothly. The fights are as smooth as silk. IdTech 7 provides a lot of geometric details . The picture quality is insane. Look forward to it! "

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It is of course not surprising that developers praise their own games in the sky and want to spark a little anticipation among fans. Khan's tweet, however, sounds almost euphoric, which should raise the expectations of some players a little. By March 20, 2020 at the latest, we will know whether his hymns of praise were justified – then Doom Eternal will come (buy now) for the PC and consoles on the market.

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