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We present you the best MMORPGs in the video special! We have voted in the editorial office and present you with the shopping guide for all games that offer great RPG worlds and shared adventures with other players. It's not just about classic fantasy worlds like in WoW or Guild Wars 2, but also about sci-fi scenarios like in Star Trek or Star Wars. In our video special we tell you the best (as of June 2020) best offshoots of the genre.

Be it WoW, Final Fantasy 14, Guild Wars 2 or The Elder Scrolls online: We love the worlds of MMORPGs and the freedom they offer us. Exciting adventures that we can experience with friends. A character that we gradually level to a real hero. The genre is still very popular and that's why we spoke to the editors about which MMORPGs are currently particularly great. Be it fantasy or sci-fi, high-gloss optics or retro graphics, hardcore PvP or leisurely exploration: there is something for every taste!

We not only go into the big MMORPG names like WoW, but also point out games that are particularly appealing because of certain features. The German MMORPG Albion Online, for example, attracts with a charming look, but also offers a highly complex economy and demanding PvP mechanics. Black Desert Online shines through the best character editor in the genre. And where can we immerse ourselves in the world of a spaceship captain in an MMO world as much as in Star Trek Online?

The best MMORPGs: buying guide in the video special

In the following video, we present our top 10 MMORPGs, but in the end we also deal with honorable mentions and name promising upcoming releases that should be kept in mind.

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