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The Cyber ​​Weekend is in full swing! We rummaged through the net again and found the best deals for you. Because even if the console is considered relatively stable in price, it has already some discount actions behind it, which let us hope. Where you get the console on the cyber weekend at the cheapest, we tell you here.

Japp! The Cyber ​​Weekend reaches its peak, because on Sunday we have experiences that are even better than Saturday. If you do not have a switch yet, you probably will not get it that cheap for a long time and since the console is in high demand, the offers will be sold out fast. So be quick.

Nintendo Switch on cyber weekend: console bundle (+ 35 € e-shop credit) for 288 euros

Until now, the Nintendo Switch was only bundled with Nintendo Labo for 288 euros (offer below) which, although a wonderfully low overall price, you lose the value of Labo – but what if you do not want Labo? Then MediaMarkt now has one great offerthat you should not miss: get the Nintendo Switch For 288 euros 329.99 euros and get 35 Euro eShop credit has been given!

The Nintendo Switch will give you one actual price of 253 euros, you withdraw the 35 euros, And the 35 Euro credit for the eShop? You will want to use it like that, after all you can buy games for the Switch in Nintendo eShop.

Nintendo Switch on Black Friday: console for 288 euros at Saturn

Game, fun and excitement in one, Currently you will receive the console + a Nintendo Labo set of your choice for 288 euros at Saturn. You can choose between the new version in red / neon blue and in gray, In addition, there is one of three labo setsyou just have to put in your cart. The discount will be deducted automatically.

Currently this is the cheapest total pricewe could find for you. It should be noted, however, that the switch has already been offered cheaper – but whether that will be until the Cyber-Monday (2 December), the case remains questionable. Incidentally, there is also free shipping!

Nintendo Switch on Black Friday: With game in the family offer

The offer is unfortunately sold out! Maybe Otto will do it again.

We have to admit that we've seen something black for the Nintendo Switch this year for Black Friday. The current deal, however, is no worse and offers in the overall package game, fun and excitement for the whole family. The Bundle Nintendo Switch console (new edition with longer battery life) incl. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and the Labo: Toy-Con 03: Vehicle Set there is currently at Otto for the price of 333 euros, To have and to have, the console costs effectively 244 euros, But that was not all:

At Otto you also get one New customer discount of 15 Euro and free postage. You just have to code 82105 enter at check-out. With that, you're effectively priced at $ 229 for the console, compared to other deals it's a bargain and Mario Kart is also a must-have. Overall, the price is indeed 333 euros, but if you consider what is all about … then off to the cart with it!

If you take the console, Nintendo Labo and Mario Kart individually, this results in a price of 394 euros. (see Amazon)

If you are looking for cheap games, you will also find an article about the cheapest Black Friday games deals. Have fun with your new console!

Nintendo Switch offers in the recent past

Since the new version is only a few months in the trade, there are so far little to draw comparisons. By contrast, the current best price was at the beginning of November 265,50 Euro and is easily undercut by the current offer on Otto. (If only the console calculates.) Whether there will be better offers tomorrow, is still in the stars. If so, you will learn it here as soon as possible.

Price comparison loud,

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