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In the US, the Nintendo Switch recently had the best sales week since its launch in March 2017. Spurred on by the big Black Friday Sale, the console and the Lite model came to 830,000 copies sold within a week.

The Nintendo Switch was able to set a new record more than two years after its launch – at least in the US. There, the console came to more than 830,000 copies sold in the past week within seven days. This is not just an impressive number in itself, but also the Switch's best selling week since its release in March 2017.

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According to Nintendo, the console benefited, of course, especially from the big Black Friday Sale in the US and the numerous associated offers. Even the recently released Lite model has contributed to this new record. Earlier there were first reports that the Nintendo Switch (buy now for 47,99 €)is one of the big winners of the Black Friday Sale 2019, which has now been confirmed again. Thanks to this recent push, the console in the US has now reached a total of 17.5 million copies sold.

Source: Nintendo

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The Nintendo Switch put on the best selling week since the launch for Black Friday. (2) (Source: Nintendo)

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Nintendo Switch was the most popular console in Black Friday Sale

The Nintendo Switch was one of the big winners at this year's Black Friday Sale in the US. Analysts predict the Nintendo Switch a bright future.

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According to several analysts, the Nintendo Switch is facing a very bright future with impressive numbers.

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