When gamers are bored but don't want to let go of their favorite game, they sometimes come up with absurd challenges that they face themselves. It is the same with Diablo fan and Youtuber Chitor, who has made it his mission to defeat Diablo with a hero who does not use auto attacks, skills, companions or paragon bonuses from level 1. The only exception: A few points may flow into the Paragonperk, which increases the speed of movement. Of course, it is not possible to defeat the hordes of demons of a Hack'n'Slay without damage. Chitor thought that the damage should only be passive. So he used that Hellfire amulet with a gem slot in which he Boyarsky's splinter started with thorn damage.

After he had forged the plan, he started right away. He created a barbarian and after only five minutes was confronted with an obstacle that later turned out to be fatal: a goal. In Diablo 3 (buy now) there are many gates that must not be unlocked but smashed. And how are you supposed to get ahead if you are not allowed to do click damage ?! The first goal in the first few minutes of Diablo 3 is still harmless, Chitor noted. Because the gate to Neu-Tristram opens automatically.

But in the cathedral it gets more difficult. Fortunately, there are enough enemies around there that cause area damage when they die. So Chitor just got close enough to the barriers and let these enemies die there. Problem solved. But what about the door … in the cellar of Haedrig? The blacksmith from New Tristram asks you for help early in the game so that you can check on his wife. The door to Haedrig's wife must be destroyed. But there are no opponents in the vicinity. What now?!

The thorn damage of the amulet did not help, so Chitor searched for items that could help him. He found the legendary pants Death tradethat create an aura of death around the character. For hours Chitor farmed bounties with his pacifist barbarian in act 5 until he realized that the pants can only drop from one of the highest levels of difficulty. Too much too handle for the little barbarian. Chitor looked for a solution again and found out that the aura of the death trade does not destroy any objects anyway. Finally he came across the boots Flamersthat leave a trail of fire on the ground.

Chitor even had such a pair of boots in his stash … for a hero at level 70. After some trial and error, he finally bit the bullet and farmed his barbarian at level 70 without actually doing anything. He let demons beat him for three days until he finally reached level 70. The joy was written on his face. Finally he could put on the Flamewalkers and from then on …
It takes Chitor around 20 hours to defeat Diablo. Now, of course, the question is whether he also added the time for his research …

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