Shortly before Christmas, the developers of Diablo Immortal showed their mercy and, after years of dying for new information about the game, opened their little treasure trove of information – matching the start of a technical alpha in which selected players can participate. Since the news about the game system has been overwhelming, we have it in the Blog posts published information again summarized for you in small, understandable bites. At this point you can learn more about the characters and the Paragon system – and about a novelty, namely Paragon talent trees. In another post we have already devoted ourselves to the items, gems and legendarys, as well as the question of why there will be no armor sets in Diablo Immortal.

The classes of Diablo Immortal

The creators of Immortal go into the character presentation on "how to stylishly separate the spine from the chest". In the technical alpha this has so far worked with the barbarian, the wizard, the demon hunter and the monk. The classes and their specialties are self-explanatory to the inclined Diablo fan: the barbarian is the melee bully who whirls through his opponents, while the wizard relies on destructive spells from a distance. When Immortal is ready for the release, the necromancer and crusader will be there too. It has been unclear since the announcement of the mobile Diablo what actually happened to the witch doctor. It is believed by the community that the play style of the voodoo doctor throwing poisons and plagues is somehow too similar to that of the necromancer. Rumor has it that the class might not seem particularly attractive for the Asian market.

New skills

While you already know the classes from the Diablo universe, this should not be the case with all the skills of the heroes from Immortal. Each class has two primary attacks and a number of skills, some of which are familiar and some of which are completely new. In addition, there are the ultimate skills that you charge by using the primary attacks, and that make you much more powerful for a short time.

As you level up with your character, skills will also improve. As in Diablo 3, you have a slot for the primary attack and four slots for additional skills that you can take with you on your next adventure. Example builds from the developers are already available for the magician and the demon hunter. Blizzard's suggestion for the wizards among you: "For example, you can choose electric shock as your primary attack and the skills meteor, black hole, teleportation and ice crystal. With this combination you can hold opponents with black holes in one place and let a meteor crash down on them , Electrocute them while they are stuck together. Then you can use an ice crystal to slow down oncoming monsters and, last but not least, teleport to escape. "

Demon hunters, on the other hand, can sneak into the middle of the action with a cloud of smoke, barrage, knife trap and daring leap – thanks to a cloud of smoke – and cause enormous damage in the enemy group with barrage before they withdraw again with daring leap and send another knife trap afterwards.

Paragon trees in Diablo Immortal

Paragon trees in Diablo Immortal

Source: Blizzard

I don't see the forest for the paragon trees …

As in a big Diablo, you can increase your characters beyond the maximum level in the Paragon system. New in Immortal are ten Paragon talent trees that grant unique bonuses. The survival artist talent tree increases your chances of survival in the

One of Diablo Immortal's Paragon talent trees

One of Diablo Immortal's Paragon talent trees

Source: Blizzard

Fight against monsters while the treasure hunter talent tree increases your chances of finding treasure, gold and gems. There is also a bonus on experience points. The slayer talent tree gives your hero even more deadly attacks, while the gladiator talents buff you in PvP. Over time, more of these Paragon trees should come into play.

The highlight: You don't have to commit yourself to one tree, you can invest your Paragon points, which you get when you collect the XP after the maximum level, in all trees. Each paragon tree grants permanent attributes and specialization skills. While you always benefit from the permanent attributes, there is a catch with the special skills. You can only activate one tree at a time. Accordingly, only the skills of a paragon tree can be used in combat.

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