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The people in charge at Lost Ark recently revealed which content we can try out in the course of the closed beta test phase, whether there is a confidentiality clause and what else is important.

As is well known, the closed beta test phase for Lost Ark will start on November 4th on Steam. The fun should run until November 11th. On the official website recently revealed what awaits us in Arkesia during this period:

  • The closed beta focuses on the technical aspects of the game, such as server stability, tech integrations, and bug fixes.
  • All buyers of a pioneer package are allowed to participate in the closed beta. Other players who have registered for the closed beta will also be invited. There can also be invitations via special giveaways.
  • There will be no NDA, all testers are free to report on their experiences and record / stream gameplay.
  • At the beginning of the test phase there will be a load test: In the first few hours, all testers in a region will be sent to a single world. After completing the load test, further worlds should then be unlocked.
  • Many core systems such as localization and monetization have not yet been finally implemented.

In fact, the list of content that will be available in the course of the test is impressive:

Lost Ark closed beta content

  • The unique prologue per class has been replaced by a simplified prologue.
  • Adventurers start at level 10 and roam the Forgotten Land of Trua after choosing their subclass. In addition to a new story, the basic controls and fighting techniques of Lost Ark are taught.
  • The level cap has been increased from 50 to 55 in the closed alpha.
  • The level limits for expeditions in the Closed Alpha have been increased from 55 to 100.
  • 2. Awakening skill and quest added for all classes.
  • All content up to Rohendel will be unlocked, including:
    • Main story quests.
    • Area Boss (Magmadon).
    • Rohendel-Chaosdungeons.
  • All dungeon content up to the Phantom Palace will be unlocked.
    • Abyss Dungeon – Palace of the Phantom (Hall of the Corrupted Monarch).
    • Abyss Dungeon – Palace of the Phantom (Hildebrandt Palace).
  • New Guardian Raids
    • T2 Chromanium added.
    • T2 nacrasena added.
    • T2 Fire Fox Yoho added.
    • T2 Tytalos added.
  • Vern Chaos Portal added.
  • Added Shadow Spire Tower (floors 1-50).
    • Can be reached via any major city.
  • Cube dungeons (normal) added.
    • Can be reached via any major city.
  • Farms and caves:
    • Can be unlocked by completing “Small Island”: Discover the fortress research “Uninhabited Island”. Quests will be unlocked upon completion.
    • This is a small island within your fortress that has a lot of collectible resources that regenerate daily.
  • We’re opening 70 islands for closed beta participants to discover and explore.
    • Zone: Gienah
    • Zone: Procyon
  • Similar to the closed alpha, we will hold a participation event for the duration of the closed beta. Adventurers can receive different rewards each day they log in.

Lost Ark: New Gameplay Trailer for the “Diablo Killer”

There are also a number of improvements and new features that have come into play since the last alpha test phase:


  • The font size has been adjusted.
  • Additional hairstyles have been added during character creation.
  • The guild menu user interface has been updated.
  • Moderation:
    • To increase player safety, a new system has been introduced that allows adventurers to report behavior that violates the Code of Conduct.
  • Language filtering:
    • Support has been added for filtering out obscene language in all supported locales.
  • Currency exchange:
    • We are working on improving the currency exchange UI, however the currency exchange will be disabled in the closed beta. The updated currency exchange exchange will be available at launch.
  • Power pass / adventurer path:
    • Due to the short test phase, adventurers will be given a power pass in the closed beta. This is to support the rapid ascent of alt characters so that users can enjoy the content with the different classes.
      • When the player completes the main quest (Ealyn’s Gift) from North Vern, he / she will receive a single Vern Powerpass Token in the in-game mail.
      • Only one Powerpass is provided per account.
      • The path of adventurers can be started with another character immediately after consuming the power pass.
        • This feature compresses the level 10-50 section for an alt character and is a story told by Beatrice.
        • It will walk you through the basics and progress of your class, and allow you to experience the content with that character.
        • When you complete the Adventure Path quest line, your character will be equipped with the appropriate equipment for the Vern content.
  • We have made sure that fortresses are unlocked earlier so that adventurers can have a home and settle in earlier on their journey.


  • The closed beta will include the new Battle Monk class.
  • Added color blindness filter.
  • Selecting the Voice Over Language – Note that this will only change the language and will not affect the text.
  • Text to Speech (TTS) accessibility is live. Further improvements will be made before it is launched.
    • To use the function, you have to activate the Windows Narrator so that it reads the text you have entered.
  • Added Room of Growth – Accessible after completing the North Bern World Quest, “Shadows of the Rift’s Past”. A feature with which you can experience and learn the functions of Lost Ark:
    • Mounts
    • companion
    • Manufacturing
    • engraving
    • Dismantling
    • Finishing
  • Procyons Compass added:
    • Adventurers will find a menu that is accessible via a widget and in which active field bosses, ghost ships, chaos portals and the current adventure islands are displayed.
    • Adventure Island Added – This is a new feature that guides users to islands that are only available at certain times. Once on the island, you will receive a co-op quest and have to face a boss in order to receive various rewards.
  • Custom PvP matches and spectators have been added.


We know that one of the big questions among gamers is monetization. Please read our article on the business model if you want to know how Lost Ark is funded. Currently, Amazon Games and Smilegate RPG are working together to better tailor the products to the western audience.

  • For the closed beta we open the store and Mari’s Secret Shop and offer some of the products. The product range and prices can still change before the market launch.
  • All players will be able to experience the Kristallaura, the exclusive premium service for western users.
    • This service enables adventurers to use a number of convenience functions. You can find these benefits on the Pioneer Packs website.
    • At the start, the crystal aura is expanded to include additional functions.
  • 40,000 King Crystals will be made available to adventurers for free during the closed beta. (This royal crystal can only be used during the closed beta and will not be carried over to the launch).

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