Saturday, July 24, 2021

The company has given away so much money with free games

The Epic Games Store has been giving away games to users regularly since the end of 2018, so numerous titles have changed hands in the meantime. The PCGN website recently calculated how much money the company had given away in recent years.

The Epic Games Store gives away at least one game every month. In addition to numerous indie games, there are often AAA games. To date, May 21, 2020, the store is still giving away until 5 p.m. the popular open world game GTA 5. So far, so many users have secured this offer that not only did the store collapse a few times, the game's servers were also regularly overloaded.

This is a good example of how many games Epic Games must have given away by now. The site has on average how much money the company gets per person PCGN recently calculated.

The Epic Games Store is just giving away the GTA 5 game.

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Epic Games has already given away over 100 games

In total, Epic Games has already given away over 100 games in the store, filling the libraries of numerous players. But how much money did the company actually have to invest? The PCGN side calculated that this is a four-digit number per player. To be exact, Epic Games comes to a sum of around 1800 euros per person.

What do you say Did you expect such a number, or even more? How many games have you already secured in the Epic Games Store? We are happy to tell us in the comments.