The corona virus is now slowly showing its effects on the economy – and individual companies such as Nintendo. In an open letter, the Japanese developer addresses the problems the virus is causing in relation to the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo apologizes – of all people for that coronavirus, In one letter the group discusses the current ones Production problems like that shipping the Nintendo Switch:

“Due to the new coronavirus infection that is currently occurring, it is expected that Production and shipping delays for peripherals, such as the Nintendo Switch manufactured in China for the Japanese domestic market, and Joy-Cons are inevitable. It is also expected that the delivery of the currently out of print 'Ring Fit Adventure' will be delayed. We apologize for any inconvenience."

Only Japanese users are addressed here, but the delays could also spread to the German market. The reason is the temporary closure of several FoxconnFactories in China: There are currently strict security measures in place in the country that want to further prevent the virus from spreading. The Taiwanese electronics company Foxconn mainly produces devices for Dell, Apple, Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony,

Bottlenecks could not only occur at Nintendo. Reuters According to Foxconn, production will resume next week and isolate the workers in the factory to prevent infection. How, when and whether this will actually happen remains to be seen.