The Corruption Madness in PvP (Video)

of Sebastian Glanzer
If you ask yourself in the arena what you have just died of, you will usually find that it was a randomly occurring corruption effect of the opponent. A team at Method's 3v3 tournament recently showed how broken corruption is in PvP. The tactic: with 600+ corruption, hope that the opponent bites the grass earlier.

We and others have already discussed enough that corruption effects are still a problem in Patch 8.3. In raids, for example, Infinite Stars is responsible for most of the damage to individual targets without having to change anything in how you play.

In PvP, however, it becomes even clearer what an absurd feature the developers of WoW (buy now for € 26.99) since let go of the players. At the 3v3 arena tournament Method Mayhem One team took it to the extreme and equipped itself with over 600 corruption to blow the enemy out of virtual life with one stroke with several infinite star perks. You can admire how it looks in the clip below.

In this clip, the team "died to sac" plays with two paladins, so that they can make themselves immune to the negative effects of corruption in addition to the cloak effect with a shield. Because at the latest when The thing from beyond if 600+ corruption sprints on one of the players, he is in the dirt.

Admittedly, with their tactics of collecting 600+ corruption points, they weren't particularly successful. With a little more Proc luck, however, it could have led to success. This shows the completely unwanted death of the monk, who is not targeted by any of his three opponents and still dies from an infinite star proc in a millisecond. The team with two paladins loses in the end because of the addition of the negative effect The thing from beyond both hit before they can defeat the mage on the opposing team. From the Twitch chat and the reaction of the casters, you can see that the already confusing WoW arena esports only become more confusing and confusing due to the corruption effects.

Thanks to the special dealers on the tournament realms, players can put together such abnormal equipment. But even in normal arena matches, corruption effects decide whether you win or lose. In the clip above, like the monk in the video before, the magician is not even targeted by his opponent and is behind the pillar. Thanks to two proces from Infinite Stars, he still dies completely accidentally from his opponent's corruption effect from 40% life points.

Recently, the developers changed the effect of Echoing Void so that it isn't too crucial for the Mythic Dungeon tournament. Arena players now require corruption effects to either be removed entirely from the arena or a cap to be introduced.

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