The crunch phase lasted most of 2019

of Andreas Bertits
Doom Eternals executive producer Marty Stratto said the team was in a crunch phase for most of 2019. However, care was taken to respect the private lives of the developers.

March 20th will appear Doom Eternal, which should have been published at the end of November 2019. As executive producer Marty Stratto explained, the team had to work pretty hard to develop the best game yet.

A crunch phase of almost a year

"We've been in a pretty tough crunch phase most of last year. It was in phases," said Stratton, "We have a group of people who went through the crunch time together, so the next group of people really started and then started the crunch phase. "

Even though these phases are very tough, Bethesda would like the private lives of employees to be treated with respect. "We really try to respect people's time and personal lives. We have very committed people who in many cases just choose to work a lot. It's nice because we want the game to be perfect. We want to that it meets our expectations and consumer expectations. "

Crunch phases have been part of the development of computer games for a long time, but have recently come under fire. But apparently it doesn't work without it, as CD Projekt Red also had to admit regarding Cyberpunk 2077. At Doom Eternal (buy now for € 89.99) it is probably the same.

Source: VG247

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