The current raid bosses for Arktos

The legendary kingfisher Arktos, which can currently be found in the Tier 5 raids of Pokémon Go, is not a particularly metagame-relevant pocket monster, but at least the shiny hunters among you have the opportunity to grab a dazzling version. Matching the new raid boss in the level 5 raids and mega pigeon boss in the mega raids, the other Pokémon that you can get hold of have also been switched. In their second evolution, many of them are particularly interesting as a counterattack for mega pigeon bosses, including Keifel (then as Mamutel) or Rizeros (then as Rihornior). Fun fact: Mamutel is a much stronger and cheaper ice-cream Pokémon, so you should take some with you if you don't have an armada yet.

Those of you who haven't had much luck with getting hold of an Alola Vulpix over eggs should dare one or the other tier 1 raid, because the rare pocket monster is currently spawning in the raids, is relatively easy to defeat and is part of it Happiness can come around as shiny too. You can see which Pokémon you can currently find in Pokémon Go in the raids in September 2020 using the following overview. As usual, we have marked the Mon that you can get hold of as Shiny with a good portion of luck with a *. Have fun!

Tier 1 raids
Alola-Vulpix *, Alola-Kleinstein *, Voltobal *, Amonitas *, Sniebel *, Nasgnet, Kiesling *, Lithomith *

Tier 3 raids
Geowaz, Alola-Knogga *, Rizeros, Blitza, Aerodactyl *, Keifel, Stolloss, Walraisa

Tier 5 raids
Arctic *

Mega raids
Mega Charizard X *, Mega Charizard Y *, Mega Bisaflor *, Mega Turtok *, Mega Pigeon Boss *

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