The creators of Pokémon Go dished up a lot to the fans at the end of the year: The Go Beyond update brings you level 50, generation 6, battle league rank adjustments and seasons. Almost at the same time as the announcements about Go Beyond, the friendship event started, during which Shiny Flegmon can be obtained, among other things. And as it is, the legendary Pokémon on Tier 5 were also swapped in the raids of Pokémon Go: Lugia flew away, that's what Cobalium, Terracium and Viridium are now for.

And in the coming week, from November 24th, 2020, the current Raidboss list of Pokémon Go will change one more time in November 2020. Because then the legendary lakes trio comes to the trickiest and most difficult raid level to match the Seen Legende event. Until then, however, we will give you a brief overview of which raid bosses you can now find in the raids. As with the friendship event itself, this is a wild mix of Pokémon that is in focus. Of course we have marked the Pokémon that you can get hold of as Shiny with a *. And of course we wish you the best of luck with the hunt and the fighting!

Tier 1 raid
Alola Vulpix *, Flegmon *. Magnetilo *, Sheinux *, Praktibalk *, Klikk *

Tier 3 raid
Alola Raichu *, Nidoqueen, Absol *, Walraisa, Metagross

Tier 5
Terracion *, cobalium *, viridium *

Mega raids
Mega Charizard X *, Mega Charizard Y *, Mega Turtok *, Mega pigeon boss *, Mega dog monkey *, Mega Gengar *

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