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In line with the upcoming Seen-Legende-Event there are some new raid bosses to defeat in Niantic's Pokémon collector's app Pokémon Go. You can find out which bosses await you in the tier 3 and tier 1 raids aside from Vesprit and the Mega Pokémon in our overview of the raid bosses in Pokémon Go in November 2020.

As soon as an event is over in Pokémon Go, the next one is already on the agenda. The Pokémon Home event is history, now the lake legend event is on the doormat. And as usual, the bosses who can be found regularly in the raids of Pokémon Go change with it. In keeping with the new event of the lake legends with the trio Vesprit, Selfe and Tobutz – although you should only meet Vesprit in this country because the three pocket monsters are regionally bound – there are a few dark and ghost attackers who counterattack can work, but the rest is rather uninteresting. At least the shiny hunters get their money's worth!

However, since the Seen-Legende-Event officially starts on November 24th, 2020 from 10:00 p.m., it can be assumed that the bosses will change again. So don't get excited too early about Shinys like Chelast, Panflam or Plinfa, or Woingenau or Absol – it is quite possible that they have only just made a short interlude. You can find out which bosses you can currently find in the raids of Pokémon Go from the list below. As usual, we have marked the Pokémon with Shiny chances with a *. We wish you every success in your hunt!

Tier 1 raids
Chelast *, Panflam *, Plinfa *, Sheinux *, Bronzel *, Klikk *

Tier 3 raids
Alola Raichu *, Woingenau *, Welsar, Absol *, Bojelin, Lumineon

Tier 5 raids
Vesprit, Selfe, Tobutz

Mega raids
Mega Charizard X *, Mega Charizard Y *, Mega Turtok *, Mega pigeon boss *, Mega dog monkey *, Mega Gengar *

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