It’s time again to take a look at the current ranking with the best DPS classes in the Mythic Raid of World of Warcraft. This ranking shows you which character classes and specializations are currently potentially causing the most damage in the “Sanctum of Dominion” raid.

At the top nothing has changed compared to the previous ranking, so the Windrunner Monk is still in first place. However, he now has a new pursuer in the neck with the balance druid, who could make a good leap up. Otherwise, there are a few shifts in space to be announced in the upper area – without any too spectacular changes. Not too much has changed at the lower end of the ranking, as the reinforcement shaman brings up the rear. At least the Unheilig death knight was able to work his way up a bit and left the last three places. Please note, however, that this is only a snapshot that can change at any time due to hot fixes or updates. Here is the overview:

  1. Windrunner Monk
  2. Balance druid
  3. Elemental shaman
  4. Furor-Krieger
  5. Weapons warrior
  6. Affliction Warlock
  7. Arcane Mage
  8. Deception villain
  9. Demonology Witcher
  10. Marksmanship hunter
  11. Lawlessness villain
  12. Frost death knight
  13. Assassination villain
  14. Havoc demon hunter
  15. Retribution Paladin
  16. Fire magician
  17. Survival hunter
  18. Marksmanship hunter
  19. Frost magician
  20. Lawlessness villain
  21. Shadow priest
  22. Ferocity druid
  23. Unholy Death Knight
  24. Beast Mastery Hunter
  25. Destruction Warlocks
  26. Reinforcement shaman


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The current DPS ranking for the Mythic Raid in World of Warcraft is here. (2) [Quelle: Blizzard]

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